December 1, 2011

F . R . I . E . N . D . S

I am sure you all must have by now realized what it is about or did I mislead :)
For all those who thought this blog is about the persona Friend then  you are wrong. If you thought its about the serial "Friends" may be you are right :)
Like many individuals around the globe I am a HUGE fan of the "F.R.I.E.N.D.S". I could watch any episode, any time of the day, any number of times! Its not like I don't get it and that's why I watch it multiple times, It's cos my mind never seems to get enough of it :)
Many of you have easily guessed my resemblance to the character "Monica". Well most of it comes probably due to the organization and spotless upkeep of my house-(kudos to me :)). Just to clarify, I have not adopted or adapted to be Monica and her ways :).
The more I watched her, I realized that she can easily characterize me or people can easily know me just by watching her speak. That's when it dawned on me that I do have a uncanny resonance to the character.
People who have closely followed each of those characters and (of course I mean their characteristics) will know better what I am talking about.
Sometimes it makes me want to smile thinking I am Monica but that isn't the case always. Because at times she could be really a pain in the neck. Speaking of neck - Like every one has heard - The Man is the head of the family (they take so much pride in saying and being that) - Do you know what a women is - Yes, you got it - She is the "Neck". I take pride in being the neck because, she can make the head turn any way she wants, not just that she can make him speak any word she wants (figuratively) after all the vocals are in the neck  :) - lol,  love this fight!

Coming back to Monica and Pain in the neck, while I miserably accept this trait of her (or mine) :) I know for sure that my husband accepts me albeit me being a pain in the neck. - There you go I just throned him! [Psst....Well, I don't intend to de-throne him but he does take his painkillers to have the pain numbed ;)]

Remember in one of the episode she says - "Now that you are with me - you will never get to win!!!" lol - I have said too much about me.......
If I am (mostly like) Monica is my husband (mostly like) Chandler? I know my answer by now but I am not going to break my silence on this.
So, what is your take on each of the characters....Do you know anyone who can resemble Ross or Phoebe or Joey or Rachel or Gunther - lol?

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November 18, 2011

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year....

Ok, I am starting my blog off with a very hackneyed statement - “Its the most wonderful time of the year...”.
This truly does have a great sense to it when you are on the north hemisphere -doesn’t it?
Of course, the southern hemisphere can’t even imagine this one at least this time of the year - lol after all they are going topsy-turvy(kinda!).
A few weeks ago I and my husband were talking about how winter is setting in and he has started to feel iffy and the day light savings made it even worse. Well this is a saga that we discuss every year and he would mention how much he would want to go back and settle down in India. - Seriously, Do you really want to pull that thread? - and this opens a can of worms where the discussion turns into a heated argument and then “Lambi Khamoshi...” I mean the silent treatment ;)
There is a good reason its called “Happy Holidays”.

I think I am in a fat city. Over the years I have tried to tailor my living and ensure to get the best out of it. In fact its this time of the year I do look forward to.
I get so excited trading my wardrobe with winter clothes and accessories (My winter clothes, caps, mufflers, jackets, thermals) for the summer ones. I run a whole gamut of fashion emotions ;).
The strong yearning for a “White Christmas”. I get thrilled by the 1st snow of the season as much as I did the 1st time I ever saw snow.
I enjoy my afternoons sipping a mug full of (super hot) - hot chocolate while the snow occasionally falls on my glass windows and slide down.

Religiously every evenings after work re-iterating episodes of “Friends” (random order) and enjoying the gimmicks and gags as if I was watching it for the 1st time. The love for Harry Potter series emerges too, but my little one thinks its too eerie so I have to sneak peak.
Less work @ work-we call it the slack period - although the business is supposed to be growing :)
The occasional free time that I enjoy - like this one - I am writing this blog on a Friday afternoon while I am supposed to be at work and working. The extra time that I get to treat myself with a spa or visiting friends or trying out a new recipe or just being me :)

The Thanks Giving spree, the midnight shopping,  the rush in line for the feel good deals - wow!

The fabulous lighting around vicinity, especially the places in and around malls completely illuminated, the jingles, Christmas carols, kids waiting in line to have pictures taken with Santa...Oh I just love Santa! I get psyched by the thought of it.

There have been a few new additions to my fun list since we moved to Seattle and that is watching the parade near Bellevue Square Mall. My little one loves it.  Ransacking the walkway to find the best/cozy spot to watch the marching climbing on to their fathers shoulder to get a birds eye view of the parade - chirping and clapping. But the icing on the cake would be the artificial snow that they shower, it indeed makes the scene magical. It makes me want to think I am on a fairy tale - (sans the crowed) ;)

The ice skating attempts that I have made.For 2 consecutive years I went in for ice skating but haven’t gotten any further away from the rim ;) -- Ah, what the hell I still enjoy from where I am at :)

Oh how could I have forgotten the smell of cookies - We would choose a day and bake cookies together at home as a family (yes, this includes my husband too ;))....Perhaps this the only time he wouldn't mind thinking it is the best time of the year. Last year we even shared our cookies with our neighbours (unacquainted at that time ). It was fun to share it with them and get to know them.

Wrapping up Christmas presents for our son and having it placed near the fire place at night.
The joy that I see in our little guy unwrapping those, who by the way thinks it was Santa that  came down the fireplace and left him a gift because he was on Santa’s “Good Boy’s” list :)

While it may sound like an apocalypse (metaphorically) when my husband speaks about this time of the year, I tend to take the “Happy Holidays” literally and enjoy this phase of life cycle :)

Although the excitement of stepping into the New Year brings an end to this fun season, I start to think about my new years resolutions, dreams, plans and try to synergies it with good faith in order to make the most of the next 10 months until its time again to shift our gears into the most wonderful time of the year.

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