August 26, 2014

Windmills and Farms - Ellensburg

A few weeks ago for a change I was craving for the plains. I wanted to see the lush green meadows, farms, farm animals, miles and miles of just plain flat land. Flat lands are almost non existent in the state of Washington. The closest that resemble such landscape would be driving towards eastern side of Washington.

With no particular destination in mind, we decided to take stops based on what we see and like. We hardly do drives like these since after our son, but slowly we are re-introducing it now with our 7 yr old.

After driving for about 2 hrs through the mountains we decided to break for lunch at Ellensburg. I caught glimpse of some windmills on the way and decided to chase those after lunch. We took the internal roads via this small town called Ellensburg looking for those windmills.

My idea was to get an aerial shot with fairly close range, but that wasn't happening :(. We went up (pic below) here just to find out it's a private property and trespassing was a crime. I bet the view from this properties backyard would have been exactly what I was aiming for.

Nevertheless, we finally found a spot that had this wide angle.

We drove down the hill and saw these beautiful green to golden fields.

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