June 27, 2014

All About Me Colby and Casey

Dear Readers, 
Today I want to share with you a story handwritten (approx 5 pages front and back) by my 7 year old.
I won't lie, but it took a lot of nudging and nagging (from me) in completing this story. But I do applaud his willingness to pen down his thoughts.
With some tips, suggestion, pointers and help (proof-read and edited by me) from mommy (me), this true story has now taken a shape for you to read.

I am so proud to host this guest post on behalf of my son. Hope you are touched by it as much as we are.

I have always wanted a pet especially a dog. My mom and dad said we can't have a dog as a pet. I met Colby and Casey when we moved to our new home in spring last year. Colby and Casey are my neighbor's dogs. Colby and Casey are sisters. I was so happy and I thought that our neighbors dogs were my pets.

My neighbors names are Lynn and Bruce. I have only asked Lynn what I should call her. She said I can call her anything I want. But I want to call her grandma. I was very happy when she said that.

 I go to their house mostly on Saturday's or Sunday's to play with Colby and Casey. Sometimes I take them out for a walk. I play chase with them. I enjoy playing with them.

Lynn and Bruce have 2 cats too. I don't know their names. The cats always stay upstairs. I don't even see them when I go to their house to play with Colby and Casey.

One time Lynn and Bruce went out for a weekend. They left the dogs and cats at home. Lynn asked me if I could take care of the dogs. I immediately said yes. While they were gone  I was incharge of the dogs.
I went with my dad to their house to give the dogs clean water. I gave the dogs their dinner. I gave them treats. I played with them. When Lynn and Bruce came back they were very happy that I took good care of Colby and Casey. They gave me 20$ for doing a good job.

Colby and Casey are my best friends. I have fun playing with them. When I went to their house on a weekend to play with them Lynn said she has bad news. She said Colby has cancer and she has to be put down and said that she is going to pick up Colby on June 24th. She asked if I want to come, but pappa said "No".

I thought that put down mean's someone will lift Colby up and put her down. And she can't be touched at all because she is sick. But my mom and dad later explained to me that Colby is dead. Because she was in a lot of pain, because of cancer the doctor put her to sleep for ever. So that she will not be in pain and in cancer for too long.

I was sad and I didn't want this to happen. I reacted crying - "I am never going to see her again, I am never going to see her again.". I lost one of my best friends. Colby is now in heaven and she is not in pain.Colby is taken care by God.

Casey will never see her sister again. Now I am the one that has to be her best friend forever and cheer her up. From now on it is going to be "All About Me and Casey". Colby will watch us from heaven.

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June 24, 2014

Love For Turquoise - Guest Bedroom Makeover

After drawing my inspiration from the Turquoise And Red Bedroom design board that I had put together a few weeks ago, I finally transpired that vision into reality (after a lot more takes). I chose my color theme from the design board and wanted to introduce it in one of our guest bedrooms (existing wall color was Beige all over).

Inspiration pic:


Plan A:   My vision initially was to get one of the walls with the chevron pattern (beige + turquoise) and keep the rest of the wall as is (the beige color). I and my partner in crime laid out a plan on paper before we actually went on to create the chevron pattern on the wall using painters tape. Soon my unwilling husband realized this method had diminishing returns and that I was being penny wise and pound foolish.

Plan B:   So, we order the Chevron pattern stencil and use that instead of marking and masking the wall with painters tape. I was trying to save my money on the stencil (40$). It took a couple of weeks for the stencil to arrive. My enthusiasm fizzled out and I had to stop abruptly when I wasn't able to get the perfection despite using the stencil (probably due to improper techniques and lack of experience).

Plan C:   Just paint all 4 walls the beautiful turquoise by taking the simpler route. It took just 4 hrs start to finish getting all the walls done. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the color after they went up on all 4 walls. I couldn't do much about it at that point but to leave it like that for few days and see if the color would grow on me. My feelings didn't seem to change. It still wasn't sinking in.

Plan D: After continuous thoughts, I decided to paint it in insipid white (back to basic). So went and brought primer. While at the store I decided to get a quart can of tomato red color (the accent color as per the design board). Thought I would create some easy geometric pattern on the white wall and will use the leftover turquoise and  red paint sparsely on the patterns. Even though I bought all the supplies I was going back and forth with the idea. Afterall it is hard work to repaint and start from scratch.

Plan E: I had a couple of visitors in between and they did not have a negative response like I did to the turquoise walls. They suggested me to leave it that way (at least for few more years) and not to hurry in painting it over. Thanks to Usha aunty who suggested that instead of painting it all white I could use a little white color (may be some design or something) to tone down the turquoise a little bit and that should probably do the magic. That gave me this idea of creating just a single line of the chevron pattern using white paint over the turquoise wall. I already had white paint left from my other painting projects which would be just enough to do the chevron pattern. I eventually also made use of my stencil in giving the final touch to this rather pesky guest bedroom project.

After 2 rolls of painters tape,  multiple coverup plans and some scrub-a-dub with carpet cleaner, this project would not have seen the light of the day without my dear darling hubby's strong muscle, laser cut precision and unconditional patience. Even though it's quiet not what I imagined it to be, I still think it is a beauty (in the eyes of its beholder).

I intend to change my accent pieces down the lane for this room. But for now, the bedroom is more than ready to cosy up it's guest in its new adorned look. So, who is going to be the lucky one to enjoy this fresh new space?


Color - Brand:BEHR ULTRA Number: 500B-4 Color Name: Gem Turquoise Finish: Eggshell.
I gave only one coat and got that color. But it did take a couple of days to actually show up this true turquoise.

Roller - I used semi rough to smooth surface microfiber roller for the turquoise and used a smaller size "high density foam roller" for the chevron pattern.

Stencil - CuttingEdgeStencil.com

Quilt Set: Online Target Mudhut Brand.

Accessories: Garage Sale finds and used some spray paint for the pop of red.

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June 20, 2014

Lessons From Nemo World

I am an avid watcher of kids movies, especially animated movies. I enjoy it as much as a child does and also use the adult brain when in need. My few favorites are Ice Age 1 and 2, Shrek 1 and 2, Lilo and Stitch, Avatar, Toy Story, Frozen (for their songs especially) and my all time favorite is Finding Nemo.....

Last night I was watching "Finding Nemo" yet another time (I have stopped counting). I could watch this movie in my highs and lows. But watching it (last night) on Fathers Day made my fondness grow even more for this movie. If you really think about this movie, all it tries to portray is the struggles of a dedicated father as a single parent.

The depiction of this resplendent marine world by Disney Pixar is visual splendor. It's an endearing movie that could make you laugh, cry, wonder and teach you lessons of life. Never in a million years I would have imagined that an animated movie can share this much substance.

The movie is packed with many life lessons, but here are a few things that I think we all can learn and teach -

Listening to your child is also as important as listening to parents. 
Ever  fretting Marlin learns from his son Nemo that it is ok take risks. He also learns that he cannot have control over everything around Nemo and that he should not pass his fears down to his son.

It's ok to ask and accept help. Sometimes help comes in the most unexpected way.
Marlin never actually asks for help and thinks that all the ocean dwellers are predators and that he never feels good about seeking help from them. But Dory time and again reach out to others resulting in progress of their journey. Especially when Marlin and Dory become lost after they exit the EAC and Dory convinces Marlin to get help from a whale and are engulfed inside the whale's immense mouth. Marlin desperately tries to escape while Dory tries to communicate with the Whale. In response, the whale carries them to Sydney Harbour and expels them through his blowhole.

The value of Friendship and Teamwork
When Gill, Peach, Bloat, Jacques, Bubbles, Gurgle, Deb/Flo (Fishes at the dentist office fish tank) help rescue Nemo with their team effort. Also the team effort displayed when all the fishes are caught in a fisherman's net and they all force swim down to release the net open.

Never reject anyone for their disabilities and or limitations. Each one of us are different. We each have our own strength and weakness.
The protagonist, Nemo has a deformed fin yet he proves his ability to survive through his ordeal and is accepted by other aquatic school friends. Dory despite her short term memory loss disability knows how to keep hers and everyone else's spirits high.  Marlin's Phobia for the sea is eventually triumphed over,  after he steps out of his comfort zone and fights through the odds in his mission to search and rescue his son.

Parents will never giveup on their kids, but parents should also know not to make such promises to kids that is impossible to keep up.
Marlin's (The dad clown fish) promise to Nemo (Marlin's son) that he would never let anything happen to him was questioned by Dory (the blue feisty fish) as she says - "That's a funny thing to promise, you can't promise that nothing would happen to him"

While we teach our kids to believe in their abilities to be successful, we should also take a leap of faith in our kids and vest our trust in them.
Often its hard for over protective parents to know when their kids will be ready for the real world. As Crush (The 150 yr old Tortoise)  says "You will know when they know"

News/Gossip can spread like forest fire
How Marlin's story narration while travelling the EAC reaches Sydney harbor (until it comes to the ears of none other than Nigel the pelican) well before Marlin himself reaches the harbour.

The movie professes the fact of life that there are going to be some inevitable series of obstacles, it also conveys the message as to how to handle those. So next time you face a hurdle, remember Dory's constant iteration of her slogan... "Just Keep Swimming" "Just Keep Swimming" "Just Keep Swimming" .... :)...Thanks to Disney Pixar.

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June 18, 2014

Destination Alaska

Alaska could certainly go toe to toe with Washington on scenery. While both are incredibly scenic places, the breadth of Alaska deserves it's own set of superlatives. On the other hand in terms of cities and attractions, there's no comparison, a neighborhood in Seattle might have more to do than most of the entire

state of Alaska. Since Washington is home for us, a trip to Alaska in order to quench the over and above desire to be in nature had to be on the cards. I am not going to rant about Alaska's beauty because none of my photographs and words can speak up for it. But I do want to share a few things about the trip.

We were welcomed by a bright sunshine at the airport when we landed at 9:30 pm. It was a bit weird to see such bright sunny day at that hour. What was even more shocking was to see the same bright sun shining through midnight! It was a bizarre feeling to see midnight sun.To be honest the sun almost never goes down during summer. You can say 24hrs of sunshine. (unless its raining). Here is a picture that was taken at 11:30pm. See my shadow.

Just like most people I was also under the misconception that Alaska will be mostly covered in snow despite it being summer time. Shamefully as I am to admit this, I probably imagined it to be like Antarctica I guess - he he he. On the contrary it was very pleasant. Most of the days we were there we did not even use our jacket.

Even though travelling by cruise to Alaska was an option, we chose to fly to Alaska and then rent a car so that we could reach to places that a cruise trip cannot offer. Another option was to rent an RV instead of car which would have been AWESOME way to experience.

Advantage of renting a car was to just stop anywhere and everywhere when nature gives a shout out and says "Come be With Me". It was moment like these that made our trip extra special. Enjoying the off beaten path of journey.

It was our first family vacation ever, after our son was born. He was 3 years old then. After a long hiatus, I and my husband were prepared for this exciting trip. We knew that taking (fairly easy) trails was going to be an activity. So, we trained our son to walk in nature by taking him to short trails in and around our residential vicinity before the actual trip so he too could walk, explore and enjoy.

The train ride was pretty scenic coasting through mountains and lakes.

We took a boat ride to go see some glaciers. We were so dwarfed by those glaciers.

We saw some whales, but this is all I got.

We promised to take our 3 yr old to go see Santa at North Pole (A town in Fairbanks). This is the town where all the Santa emails arrive at and yes I believe we met the real Santa right at his house :)

View of Mt. Mckinley while driving through Denali national park.

Valley at Denali National Park.

 Saw these two bears cuddling and playing and rolling. They were so cute, just like the stuffed teddy bears.

We knew we wanted to do a bike ride in Alaska, but with the 3 year old we were a bit skeptical. When we saw this Tandem bike with a trolley carrier we couldn't resist. The owner was kind enough to throw that carrier along for free. This was the most exhilarating thing of our trip. 

We rented a log cabin an hour away from Denali National Park for a night. It was surreal to be living amidst nature. We saw moose that stopped by the stream that flowed behind the cabin. We didn't spot a bear, but I think some may have stopped by while we were asleep :)

Being in a geographically marked location has its own kick just like being in a historically marked location. We went and touched the imaginary Arctic Circle :). Wish we could have crossed and gone further. Next time for sure.

The drive to reach the Arctic circle was very interesting. Look at the down grade through which we drove (there were many more like these).

These oversized trucks also drove through these grade. Every time a truck wants to pass, traffic on either side is halted. Of course that was frustrating but worth watching. 

We also had to go through a lot of delays due to road work. Sometimes even hours together.

In Alaska there are electrical outlets by the parking meters. Every car that is parked there in the winter plugs in their “block heater”. This is an electrical heating element that keeps the engine block of the car from getting so cold that the engine refuses to start.

Streak of rainbow that emerged while driving

We saw this cloud formation right outside Santa's house in North Pole twon and to my eyes it occurred like Reindeer! (Only for creative eyes)

Never seen flowers like these before.

Everything in Alaska is expensive for sure. I could say we probably went broke just buying bug sprays :). That is one very essential item to be on your travel list to Alaska.

Since vegetarian food was sparse and also I must say in general food outlets were sparse. Once out of the city, its mostly just pure nature and nothing commercial. Since we had an idea about this we ensured to book all our hotels with a small kitchen so we could cook our supper and also pack lunch for the next day trip. Of course we had carried loads of snacks to keep my munchkin (and us)  busy enough along the long car ride.

Pretty unusual sign board huh!

Looks like there is a dispute here.

Weather you decide to take an escorted tour or by cruise or by RV or car or even biking to go see Alaska, the important thing is to take deep breath and enjoy the wilderness with awe.

Alaska, lets see you in fall or early winter next time.I would love to see your Aurora Borealis show. 

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June 16, 2014

Colorful Livingroom

Our living room furniture needs an update. We have continued to keep our living room sofa set that we used in our apartment days. This colorful living room can cheer your mood anytime of the day (or night). A blend of neutral tone, pastel colors and deep dark colors balances the color palette. I am dreaming about bringing this exact setup into our living room.

My favorite piece, well its pieces - Curtain, Cushions and Rug

Individual item list below. Click on each to check details.

Russian Doll
Small Decorative Chest
Wall Mirror Scones
Candle Holders
Coffee Table
Blue Cushions
Multicolor Cushions
Coral Cushions

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June 13, 2014

To Say "I am Sorry"

The other day I was at a grocery store hand picking tomatoes for my weekly supplies. I was engrossed in the selection process (was also preoccupied) and I did not notice that a lady was picking Avocados from the adjacent station. As I was putting my last tomato in the bag, I swiftly turned around to walk away. Since I wasn't expecting someone to stand that close to me, in the spur of the moment I had a quick jolt and dropped the tomato bag and everything just rolled off. I don't know if it's totally my mistake, well may be partially my mistake that I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. I ended up saying sorry repeatedly. The lady said that's alright, you are just fine and helped me pick the tomatoes and we both walked away.

A few days later a similar incident happened at home when I was carrying some papers and books on the stairs to put them away in my son's room. There is a sharp turn after we get upstairs to walk in a hallway and it's almost a blind spot (for both parties). My husband was carrying his cellphone and charger walking in the hallway to go down stairs. As rightly imagined by you all, we rammed into each other and in that quick jolt dropped the papers on the floor. (He didn't drop what he had in his hand though, apparently I scare easy). I instantly raised my voice and said "dekh kar nahi chal sakte" (Can't you pay attention while walking). Even though it was partially my fault, I did not utter the word sorry. My husband helped me gather the papers and all the while I was still cribbing over it. Neither did he say sorry, nor did I.

Isn't it paradoxical that it was a lot easier to apologize to a stranger than to someone whom you known?

Although the incident described above is a very trivial one, I wonder if the same thing happens when it is actually a matter with much larger issues among family and friends, where an apology could resolve it. On the contrary I was ok writing that apology note to a stranger (Story here: Think Before You Speak).

For some, it's ego, pride and fear of being wronged  seems to overpower that they never say sorry.
For some, they are conveniently in denial that they have done something obviously wrong to even consider an apology. For some, it's like writing the word in water, (meaningless). For some, they take time to fully realize what they did wrong before offering an apology. After all, the guilt feeling transforms into shame when a premature apology was forced to be provided.

Truth of the matter is, there are only two reason when a person honestly means an apology.
1) When you cares for the relationship and wants to save it from the wreckage.
2) When you really didn't mean to hurt/cause trouble/harm.
The former works well with friends and family and later works well with strangers.

 On a lighter note, they say apologizing doesn't mean anything if you keep repeating it again. So, the next time you accidentally dash against a person think before apologizing. you know this could happen again :)
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June 9, 2014

Is Jealousy Justified?

I do think that jealousy is equally common in both male and female. But the difference lies in the types of things that a woman might be jealous as opposed to man. Let’s admit that females can get jealous for the simplest and sometimes inconspicuous things too.

There is a subtle goodness to this jealousy too. If you see, jealousy does trigger the competitiveness in oneself. But then again, it is very hard to draw a line between healthy and unhealthy competition. 

For some the feeling is just momentary and they know to let go and realize it’s probably not worth it. For others they are stuck in a rut. I find these people dangerous. With prolonged jealousy comes; anger, rivalry, hatred, ego, pretense and meanness. It is a package deal and it just makes you a deranged person.

I would be lying if I say I have never been jealous before. Oh, I so have had my share of being jealous and also given the reason for other to be jealous at. I don't know if anyone can actually master the art of having a total control over their jealous feelings (oh wait I am not talking about saints). But I would definitely say with age many of us will become wiser in this aspect.

Ask yourself why was I even jealous – threatened, insecure or lack of self-confidence?  And what are you trying to achieve - recognition, superiority, and praise?  Whatever it is, don't let your happiness revolve around that, trying to be someone else and aiming for something that you may not be good at or that wasn't even meant to be yours.
While its human to be envious, a little self-realization can help identify when to actually envy that could actually synergize a constructive approach in you to get what you want and when to break open the jealousy cage and truly appreciate others for their achievements, possessions, abilities, strengths because of their genuine attempts.

If you cannot justify your jealousy then, you are counting on someone else’s blessing. So, stop it and take control of your very own strengths.

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Think Before You Speak

A month or so ago in a social place, I went and introduced myself to a local (well known) performer here (sorry won't give name). I wanted to just say a few good words about her performance and let her know that her shows are very well received. I was meeting her face to face (one on one) for the first time and have followed her mostly through FB photographs and comments.While chatting, by way of complimenting her (in my mind I thought it was a compliment at that time), I said - OMG, you look so much better in person".
Okay, Okay - I seriously did not mean that in a literal sense. All I wanted to mean was she looked far younger in person than I thought her to be from the perception I had through her photographs.

Later that day when I echoed the same words in my mind I heard it loud and clear. Thank god she was not a Model! such a terrible thing to say to a model isn't it? :). she would have got right back at me :).  Jokes apart, in no way I meant to ridicule her. I later sent her an apology note explaining what I really had on my mind
when I said those words. She responded in a way that suggested that she accepted it.

This is not the first time I have spoken before I properly thought through it. Just another flaw in me :(.

That said, have you ever been in a situation where someone purposely (with meanness) passed a ding on you among friends/acquaintances? There have been many such times when I really want to reciprocate to an argument, discussion or plain mean sarcasm. Especially with sarcastic remarks, I so want to get back at them then and there. I keep thinking for that one relevant material/word that would turn the situation back on them and say - "The joke is on you pal". I also seriously wish the person who passed a sarcastic remark would have "Thought Twice Before Speaking".

Later when I sit to gather my train of thoughts - Oh, I should have said that to make it more emphatic or valuable or rhetorical. If you see, there are times when I actually think before I speak but what's the point,
the moment has passed and it ain't gonna happen.

I guess one has to train their mind to -
Think all you want but don't speak all you think. 
Think fast but not in a hurry. 
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June 6, 2014

Attitude Is contagious

I think by default the word “Attitude” puts up a negative aura. People most often use this word to express when he or she displays snobbish, temperamental and callous behavior. When you say – “Oh, she had an attitude” doesn't that sound debasing ? But when you prefix with an adjective like “great” and see - “Oh, she had a great attitude”, now this sounds like you are appreciating. So, the word when used alone seems to take a negative spot and probably needs an adjective to make a positive impact

What attitude you display socially does not necessarily explain or justify your attitude towards life and everything else. It can be deceptively related, so I prefer to see them separate.

Especially when you are a stranger, your attitude is what is going to define your personality. Be it men or women we all look for that vibe in the other person before connecting with them. With strangers whether I want to leave it at a handshake or do I want to keep connecting the dots it actually depends on what attitude the other person is wearing. What’s hard to figure out is their attitude towards life. At least not until we actually get to know them, right?  See now that’s a catch 22 situation.

My attitude towards life is very simple - Live and let live. But when it comes to socially being, I think I don't have a definitive attitude. I admit I am a bit flaky in this field. Sometimes I chose to ignore these people with attitude disorder but there have been times when (may be even just for the moment) I have caught their attitude disorder just to be their mirror and show them how it is like. I always end up in remorse after I have gone through that. I do get upset about myself but seems like I haven't found a way to completely get over it either (even today).

Every now and then we do meet, hear or read about those influential people and wish to keep the same attitude as them. We also meet people who influence us just the opposite way. Either ways, I do think Attitude is contagious. The question is, Is yours worth catching? It is at your own discretion to want to catch it or to say- No thanks, I have my own. 
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June 3, 2014

Coincidence, Confused, Condolence

It’s human to show an instant connection (at least momentarily) with someone who shares the same name as yours or with someone who has the same DOB as yours. I once met a girl on my every day train ride during my last year of high school (junior college). She had the same name as I do, she too was a south Indian and she was an Arien too .  We went to the same high school (though she was a junior by a year). We board the train from the same station since we lived in the same town (Dombivli).

It’s not that we met every day or took the same train. So, our acquaintance stayed confined to train meetings. Soon we got to know a little more about each other. She had this carefree attitude, very bold personality and above average intelligence, smart talker and jovial too. When she was there along, the 1hr ride never felt that way. She always had something interesting/funny to talk about. Sometimes her sister (I believe older sister) Sandhya would travel along. Sandhya was slightly different. She didn't talk much. She always made sure she had makeup, her hair neatly done, stylish clothes. On the other hand, Vidya looked like she just woke up from the bed and came. But there was something about her that was attractive though.

As I moved onto my college (we eventually were in the same college too), we lost touch. Once in a while we might spot each other in college campus and stop by to say a quick hi and moved on.

During my college days I also got enrolled in a 3 year computer course (GNIIT) at NIIT. I took this course at a center that was about mid-way (30 min away) from the place I lived and from my college. I could write a book about my days at NIIT. But I made a lot of friends and acquaintances there since I seemed to spend more time at NIIT than my college. I took a 6 months break from NIIT since I needed to focus on my final year exams at college. So, I completely stopped going to the center and then wasn't in touch with many of my classmates, friends.

One evening I received a rather intriguing phone call and incidentally I picked up the phone. The caller at the other end failed to identify himself. He first asked – Is this Vidhya? I said yes and the response from the other side was – OMG, so you are still alive and the phone got disconnected. I have no idea till date who the caller was. It didn't bother me much but I kept wondering.
That day I might have received at least 10 such blank calls. Some would at least care to say hello and some would just disconnect after hearing the voice. My parents thought some guy was purposely pranking with blank calls.

The next day in one of a local newspaper that was in circulation we read a headline news that a girl committed suicide who jumped from the top of a 5 storied building. She was found dead (from the fall) from a building that was a block away from the NIIT center that I attended. The newspaper also had the girl’s name, age and the town of her residence revealed. I think you can guess now, the newspaper read “19 year old Vidya a resident Dombivli-ite……”.  

For readers it was too much of a co-incidence (name, age, place of residence) and the fact that the location of incident was at a proximity to the same NIIT center that I was attending. It was then easy to connect the dots between the blank calls and this incident. For the next week we received calls from a lot of people (especially fellow NIIT-ians) with a hesitation in their voice to probably offer condolence. I would then tell them, I am very much alive.

But to me the startling discovery was (one of my other friend who tagged along with us in our train commute mentioned) that it was the same Vidya whom I travelled with during my high school days. It was the same carefree, bold, strong minded girl. I would have never imagined for her to take such a stupid (sorry for the word) step. I always saw her as a person who was courageous enough to face any situation and not bail out by taking her own life. Or does one need more courage to take their own life than to live? Perhaps I underestimated the fact that being bold can go either ways.  I am still in denial that it was her and if it is indeed her, it still bothers me to the core that it probably was not a suicide!

~There is always a lack of good reason behind every suicide attempted or committed.

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June 2, 2014

Hallway Or Landing Space Or Feature wall

This can be your hallway, entryway, landing space or just any wall in your home that can feature this classy and modern decor. Even though the space has some hint of pinks which plays up the femininity, I have also carefully juxtaposed items  (wall sconce against wall paper, elephants and metallic finish vase) to bring out the brawniness making this space appealing to both sexes.

My favourite thing has to be the pink and white ceramic elephants.

Here is the link to all the individual pieces.

Individual item list below. Click on each to check details.
Console Table
Wall Scone  
White Elephant
Pink Elephant  

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