June 27, 2014

All About Me Colby and Casey

Dear Readers, 
Today I want to share with you a story handwritten (approx 5 pages front and back) by my 7 year old.
I won't lie, but it took a lot of nudging and nagging (from me) in completing this story. But I do applaud his willingness to pen down his thoughts.
With some tips, suggestion, pointers and help (proof-read and edited by me) from mommy (me), this true story has now taken a shape for you to read.

I am so proud to host this guest post on behalf of my son. Hope you are touched by it as much as we are.

I have always wanted a pet especially a dog. My mom and dad said we can't have a dog as a pet. I met Colby and Casey when we moved to our new home in spring last year. Colby and Casey are my neighbor's dogs. Colby and Casey are sisters. I was so happy and I thought that our neighbors dogs were my pets.

My neighbors names are Lynn and Bruce. I have only asked Lynn what I should call her. She said I can call her anything I want. But I want to call her grandma. I was very happy when she said that.

 I go to their house mostly on Saturday's or Sunday's to play with Colby and Casey. Sometimes I take them out for a walk. I play chase with them. I enjoy playing with them.

Lynn and Bruce have 2 cats too. I don't know their names. The cats always stay upstairs. I don't even see them when I go to their house to play with Colby and Casey.

One time Lynn and Bruce went out for a weekend. They left the dogs and cats at home. Lynn asked me if I could take care of the dogs. I immediately said yes. While they were gone  I was incharge of the dogs.
I went with my dad to their house to give the dogs clean water. I gave the dogs their dinner. I gave them treats. I played with them. When Lynn and Bruce came back they were very happy that I took good care of Colby and Casey. They gave me 20$ for doing a good job.

Colby and Casey are my best friends. I have fun playing with them. When I went to their house on a weekend to play with them Lynn said she has bad news. She said Colby has cancer and she has to be put down and said that she is going to pick up Colby on June 24th. She asked if I want to come, but pappa said "No".

I thought that put down mean's someone will lift Colby up and put her down. And she can't be touched at all because she is sick. But my mom and dad later explained to me that Colby is dead. Because she was in a lot of pain, because of cancer the doctor put her to sleep for ever. So that she will not be in pain and in cancer for too long.

I was sad and I didn't want this to happen. I reacted crying - "I am never going to see her again, I am never going to see her again.". I lost one of my best friends. Colby is now in heaven and she is not in pain.Colby is taken care by God.

Casey will never see her sister again. Now I am the one that has to be her best friend forever and cheer her up. From now on it is going to be "All About Me and Casey". Colby will watch us from heaven.

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