July 20, 2014

Hare And The Tortoise

It was a hot sunny evening when my husband and I decided to go together to pick up our son from his YMCA summer camp. We took our Honda Accord and I gladly let him drive while I sat in the passenger seat enjoying the ride. This is usually the case since I hate driving.

I was telling my husband that we should buy a nice Mercedes, may be an SUV, the next time we think about buying a new car (So much for hating driving). Talking about car's is one of his favourite subject but talking about buying one isn't always though. You know the saga ladies.

We stopped at the traffic light after picking up our son. And what do I see in front of me - it was a black SUV Mercedes (almost like a sign - Aaaaaah). And right next to me on the adjacent lane was a man in a grey Audi convertible of course topless (not the man, but the car, he was good looking though).

Of course no one was watching the Mercedes, all eyes were on the Audi and the man in there knew he had to flaunt and he also knew how to flaunt. He revved up his engine as he was waiting for the traffic light to change (don't know whose attention he was trying to catch especially when everyone was already looking and drooling over his car) . The second time he revved up, to my dismay my husband reciprocated to his roaring engines by revving up our meek Honda Accord.

Me:     "What are you doing?"
Husband: "Getting ready for a race".
Me: "What the hell, we stand no chance he would just fly by and why are you inviting trouble. We are family people and this doesn't even suit our car"
Husband: "Keep Calm and Let it go on! "

It was almost understood that there is going to be a fast and furious scene here. The Audi guy got his cue and he gave that look - "I know how this is going to end, why don't you save yourself from the embarrassment".....

Me: "I don't like this one bit, if I see you break the road rule, I will call the cops on you"
Husband: "Dekhna hum hi jitenge" (Take my word we will win)...."

Just then the traffic light turned green and there we go................I just covered my face not ready to face this!

Son: clap! clap! clap!....yay....papa wins!

I opened my eyes and asked - what, how?
Husband: No matter how fast your car can go, eventually you are only as fast as the car right in front of you.

Turns out the car that was ahead of the Audi was some old trashy one which had tough time taking the incline. All this while someone was being smarty pants and had contemplated this move.

The tortoise wins again but not because of its slow and steadyness but being smart and shrewd.

PS: Please do not take our experience and try to make it your experience. The results may vary. Drive Safe, because we care.
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