January 12, 2014

Happy - 2014

Its been over 2 years I haven't made any attempts in painting my thoughts. Hoping this year I would bring them to you whenever possible.

Every year I would make a list for me and my family like what we want to accomplish that year, which places to go, how much we can splurge, what yearly events we can participate, What can we do different and many such things.
I read somewhere that occasional detour down the (good) memory lane can lift your spirits high. The study even went to the extent of quantifying that - "Thinking of good memories just for 20 min a day can make people more cheerful".   I agree to this 100% and I have already started to practice before I want to preach to others.

Some of you may disagree to this but it works for me and my family and we have been doing it for long. We (I) like to have an agenda and try to fulfill as much as possible. Of course there are always overflows which is carried forward the the next year.
This year it is different. This is probably the 1st year in my last 7 years I have absolutely "No Plans" or any "To Do" list. We (I) decided to take it easy this year with no agenda. The only thing I am focusing on is on the word "Happiness".

I am sure life will throw many curveball at us but next time you have a tough day, do yourself a favor by drawing that one memory card from your repertoire and see for yourself how worthy it is. Because only you can be the chauffeur for your happiness. "Cheer up".

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