July 18, 2014

Blog Friends

I never really gave a thought over the fact that one could attract new friendships via the blogging world. Most people with whom I have developed this budding relationship are also fellow bloggers who are passionate in one or the other field that we share common interest with.

These are people whom you have never met before and unsure about the chances of ever actually meeting them in person in future. Yet, you start to develop this admiration for the work they do and eventually out of your imagination we try to personify the brain behind their incredible work via their blogs.

Here are my most cherished relationships from blog world -
Ruchi Chopra behind her blog http://ruchi2312.wordpress.com/
Ruchi is very passionate about her writes. She has been a journalist by profession and you can almost see that journalistic way of writing in all her articles. Her thoughts are dense and hence she is very articulate. She even sometimes comes with her very own cartoon strips which I feel adds value to her writes. She is a freelance writer too and recently she wrote a documentary dialogue for an upcoming wood company in calcutta. Her father's (R.I.P) blessing has helped her emotions flow, many a times even through poems. Lately she has been inspiring me with her rendezvous with nature that she has everyday in her walks :)

Saru Singhal behind her blog http://www.sarusinghal.com/
Saru's writings touched my heart at the very first read that I stumbled upon while blog hopping. Her writings are simple yet intense. Her 4 year old blog has collected noteworthy accolades. With her articles, poetry and her thought provoking quotes  from her heart I must say her writings has some pizzaz.  I had the joy of speaking to her over phone and let me tell you it didn't feel like we were new to each other. It was more like 2 best friends catching up after years of separation.  BTW, I am a permanent member in her fan club.

Anuradha Verma behind her blog http://mydreamcanvas.blogspot.com/
Unlike Ruchi and Saru, Anuradha's work and passion is towards home decor. Many of you know how much I am rooted when it comes to decor. Her blog posts are like a everyday dose of happiness to me.
I serendipitously stumbled upon her blog and instantly fell for it. The photographs on her website/FB page are extremely colorful and inviting. I recently had the pleasure of inviting her to my place when I came to know she actually lives in the same city as I do :). You know she has the best treasures in her house and some day I am going to invite myself to her place for some treasure hunt :)

Thanks for my first ever succulent plant Anu. I love it and it's in a perfect spot :)

In the blogging world people consider these contacts as part of networking (or you can call friends with benefit) that sustains ONLY on the quid-pro-quo basis. But what I learnt was there is also room for something much more worthier than just cultivating a relationship for the sake of networking. You never know who you will come in contact with and they could just go from your reader/reviewer to be a real friend.

Enjoying this virtual reality :)

This post is introduced now as a part of ABC Wednesday Challenge
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