July 13, 2014

C For California

San Diego (California)
If you directly come to this post, you may want to catch up on my prelude note here.

This is our 3rd time over all in California and 2nd time in San Diego.

Our 1st visit to California was in the year 2006. We visited Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara driving through 101. That trip would always be close to my heart because we found out we are pregnant soon after we came back from the trip. 

Our second visit to California was in the year 2012 to SFO. We drove from Seattle non stop (except for food and pits) which is approx 12hrs from our place. It was an exciting trip that we weaved up last minute and booked hotels online a night before and set out the next morning. We have always - always made only planned trips and it actually had much more to look forward to with all its surprises. This trip is also very close to my heart.

This trip made it special too with our lil guy sticking with us. We had planned the big day at Sea World just for him. Undoubtedly that ended up being the most favorite venue of this trip and Vegas apparently slipped to second spot. 

We drove from Vegas to San Diego which was approx 4.5 to 5 hrs but as usual it took us a little longer with a little traffic as we approached the LA bound highways. We drove through Vegas desserts from a whopping 118 Fahrenheit to 75 Fahrenheit in San Diego (evening). Here is a picture that we took from the car dashboard showing the outside temperature.

En route we found this funny road name. Looks like they ran out of names and resorted to just doubling up alphabets train from the rear end :)

Funny Name! Took Pic from my cell phone camera behind a dirty windshield

From 2006 to 2014 Sea World has changed quite a bit with new addition to rides, new food stalls, new attractions and of course the format of the Seal, Dolphin and Shamu Orca show. It was a hot day at San Diego, nonetheless a very productive, fun packed and eventually a tiring one. But what we took home back that day in my memory was priceless and no amount of pictures can express or replicate that.

We did not sit at the splash zone here because we were late for the show and sat at back most seat. everywhere else was taken :(

Almost reminded me of the temples in south of India when the priest sprays holy water around and everybody religiously bow down their neck to get a few sprinkled (except in this case totally drenched).

At the Dolphin Show my son was hell bent that he wanted to sit at the Splash Zone. Papa bear refused to get soaked so mumma bear agreed to part away with her camera and handed over the task to pappa bear. It was actually fun to be away from the camera and actually enjoy the show. Some Amazing shots by my hubby dear.

The Seal Show

They also have summer camps for kids which I found very interesting, wish I lived in San Diego.

Close encounter with a Dolphin friend.

Dad and Son took some rides

Kids enjoying water splash at the Atlantis ride (ride pic above)

View from gondola ride


We all know that San Diego is the place for sailboats, scuba divers, sea kayakers, snorkelers, wind surfers, wave surfers, paddle boaters and beach bummers.

The lovely terracotta roofed houses

The sandy beaches

The beautiful cliffs and alcoves

The fishy smell

The amphibian lifestyle

The italian style scooting (Vespa)

Exceptional viewpoints

It was exciting to see how humans and animals share the space amicably.

All the fun that we had

From flag to windmill to umbrella, the spirit of independence was explicit all around.

We spent our 4th of  July evening watching firecrackers at the La Jolla alcove beach and ended our trip with a  content heart and gratifying mind.

All eyes on sky with intermediate ooooooh, aaaaaah and whistles and claps :)

This is my 1st time EVER capturing digitally the firecrackers show in the last 9 years in the States. I have only always visually captured those.

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