January 15, 2014

The Story Of My Lense

Yes, I am talking about the camera. Every one these days owns a camera. I am not forgetting the Smart Phones of today. Taking candid and momentary pictures could not have been any easier. Just that random click to save in a memory stick. Ain't that one remarkable invention. These days its easy to walk down the memory lanes. The only way I have captured my childhood/school/college/vacation days are in my very own god gifted memory. I am sure some special moments have just faded away. But that's the way it was.

The 1st time I had my very own camera was after my marriage (which belonged to my husband and I could conveniently call it mine). Travelling without a camera was a sin for me, not because I wanted to shoot pictures around and capture the beauty of nature. It was all about me. I LOVED my picture taken.  I should remind you that it was a film camera not even digital. We would take our Camera but many a times forget to fill in new batteries or for that matter even film roll or sometimes even both. We would go far off the city to some quiet scenic place and then all the "Say Cheese" moments are down the drain.

There was this one time we were in a beautiful coastal place (Very crowded of course) called "Ayia Napa" (in Cyprus) and we clicked a lot of pictures, well my husband clicked and I posed most of the times.  It was an overnight trip and I was so excited to get back home and have the film developed. The following week when my husband went to pick up the photos from the studio the man in there said none of the pics came out clear. He said probably you did not load the film properly. My husband right away knew he was in trouble. (I am not going to discuss what happened next, I will leave it to your imagination).

That event eventually got me upgraded to a digital camera (which we bought from Germany). Of course we visited a lot of places from then until this new camera came but I never wanted to take the film camera and so we ended up having less pics taken and hence less money spent on developing the films. I guess we saved on the developing cost that might have gone into buying this digital one :)

Since then we have bought 2 more digital cameras as a result of wrecking the older one and now I own my very own DSLR (which by the way looks like the coolest thing to hold when you are travelling). Its been over an year now. I haven't used the camera to its capacity but I try. We still carry our sleek digital pocket camera for convenience sake and yes we do sometimes forget to put memory stick or charge the built-in battery. At such times we like to see the world using our smart phones.

Here are some pics for taken from my 1st, 2nd and 3rd(current) digital cameras, my DSLR and from a smartphone. Take a guess which one of these pics came from which camera.

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