January 14, 2014

Home Aesthetics - 101

Many of you know that we recently bought our 1st home. Finally we found a city to root ourselves for years to come. Our humble vote of thanks to the almighty for that.  It's been an exciting journey promoting ourselves from a renter's status to homeowner's status.

People who have known me for years know that I have been wanting to bring out my interior decor skills and apply it to each and every corner available :) (which we (I) have obviously attempted).

Over the years my taste, likes, style and design has changed (or should I say Updated!). Thanks to HGTV - "My Teacher". I learnt a lot from them. Every decor style has a name. It could be as simple as "Ethnic" or as fancy as "Eclectic" . You can even use names of 2 different styles and coin a word to come up with your own style name! If you must know "Shabby Chic" is one of the style name. I swear I did not come up with that.

In this due course of working towards putting our stamp on the house - We (I) made a handful of incorrect choices, we definitely have tried to make it right (or cover it up). We (I) bought a lot of stuff, we returned a few, we exchanged some, we donated a bunch. After all this I can't really say if we are (I am) done, because the heart always wants more.

No matter how much we learn from HGTV or magazines or by observing or from the superfluous info/pics on the internet, I am sure there will be at least one such space in  our home where we all will struggle finalizing the aesthetics. There are always going to be different ways of styling and arranging. But here is the truth - No matter what the end result may look like - "It's not bad taste just because its not according to other's taste". Who knows it might be even a better taste 

If the "Decorating - 101" rule book doesn't mention your style/choice then lets start a new rule book called "Decorating - 101 + 1". So here is my book of "Decorating - 101 + 1" and these are some of the pics from that 

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