September 4, 2014

H for Homeowner and Home Decor

After living in 3 different continents (Asia, Europe and America), the journey from being a renter to a homeowner has been longer than what I had envisioned. I was born and raised in India and I like to call Mumbai "My Hometown". I moved to Cyprus after my wedding to be with my husband. Since then together we have moved 8 apartments and 5 corporate rentals. Finally we decided to put down our roots here in Washington (beautiful pacific northwest, nicknamed as Evergreen State) and became homeowners.

As a home decor enthusiast I have always loved the idea of moving into different apartments (of course sans the physical move) and enjoy my time adorning them. It was difficult to work up all my decor and design ideas and imaginations with given limitations and rules of renting. Here are  pictures from some of our rentals that we have lived in where in I tried to make it a place we could call home. 

While owning a home is probably more expensive than renting, home ownership does provide more stability. Since I am no longer subject to the landlord's whims, I took this blank canvas and put our heart and soul and DIY efforts to make this house a warm and inviting home not just for us but for our visitors too  :). I call our decor style "Classy Contemporary" it's a little fancier and specific word for "Transitional style decor". While this task of decorating and re-decorating is a continuous one, here are some pictures to show how we have decorated some of the spaces in our home sweet home that shows as of today. I can't promise they would look the same 5 years from now, cos, I love change my decor. It's like a therapy for me I guess :)

My son's room

Guest Bedroom-1

Dining Room


Family Room


Guest Bedroom -2

Master Bedroom

Formal Living


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