August 27, 2014

Yakima County - Weekend Drive

I remember those days when we were just the two of us, on a day off or weekends we would just take out our GPS and blindly point and start driving hoping to discover something amazing on our drive. Many a times we have been surprised, awed and have absolutely enjoyed those quirky drives and sometimes have not been in any luck. But the quality time that we got/get to spend was/is priceless. What can I say, we are  wanderers at heart :)

Washington has abundant of scenic route. View of snow capped mountains, coniferous trees, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, the coasts, beaches, cliffs, forests and more. But the experience, enjoyment and enthusiasm differs with each time (planned or unplanned).

Here are some shots driving through Yakima County.

Yakima river flowing by the highway/railway track.

Fishing on Yakima river



Apple Farms.

Apple farm on a primitive road.

Water reservoir.

On our way back home we just took a stop on the side of this road for some refreshments (from home stock). Is it not worth a place just enjoy some evening snacks?

We pulled over on the curb side, took out our picnic chair..

and enjoyed some home-made desi chai which mamacita had diligently packed in her thermas :)

We spent about 30-40 min with no traffic or any disturbance, enjoying the view, talking about life, future and some giggles and smiles. Now that's what I call quality time!

Thank you Naches (the town in Yakima County) for a lovely evening.

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