June 9, 2014

Is Jealousy Justified?

I do think that jealousy is equally common in both male and female. But the difference lies in the types of things that a woman might be jealous as opposed to man. Let’s admit that females can get jealous for the simplest and sometimes inconspicuous things too.

There is a subtle goodness to this jealousy too. If you see, jealousy does trigger the competitiveness in oneself. But then again, it is very hard to draw a line between healthy and unhealthy competition. 

For some the feeling is just momentary and they know to let go and realize it’s probably not worth it. For others they are stuck in a rut. I find these people dangerous. With prolonged jealousy comes; anger, rivalry, hatred, ego, pretense and meanness. It is a package deal and it just makes you a deranged person.

I would be lying if I say I have never been jealous before. Oh, I so have had my share of being jealous and also given the reason for other to be jealous at. I don't know if anyone can actually master the art of having a total control over their jealous feelings (oh wait I am not talking about saints). But I would definitely say with age many of us will become wiser in this aspect.

Ask yourself why was I even jealous – threatened, insecure or lack of self-confidence?  And what are you trying to achieve - recognition, superiority, and praise?  Whatever it is, don't let your happiness revolve around that, trying to be someone else and aiming for something that you may not be good at or that wasn't even meant to be yours.
While its human to be envious, a little self-realization can help identify when to actually envy that could actually synergize a constructive approach in you to get what you want and when to break open the jealousy cage and truly appreciate others for their achievements, possessions, abilities, strengths because of their genuine attempts.

If you cannot justify your jealousy then, you are counting on someone else’s blessing. So, stop it and take control of your very own strengths.

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