June 24, 2014

Love For Turquoise - Guest Bedroom Makeover

After drawing my inspiration from the Turquoise And Red Bedroom design board that I had put together a few weeks ago, I finally transpired that vision into reality (after a lot more takes). I chose my color theme from the design board and wanted to introduce it in one of our guest bedrooms (existing wall color was Beige all over).

Inspiration pic:


Plan A:   My vision initially was to get one of the walls with the chevron pattern (beige + turquoise) and keep the rest of the wall as is (the beige color). I and my partner in crime laid out a plan on paper before we actually went on to create the chevron pattern on the wall using painters tape. Soon my unwilling husband realized this method had diminishing returns and that I was being penny wise and pound foolish.

Plan B:   So, we order the Chevron pattern stencil and use that instead of marking and masking the wall with painters tape. I was trying to save my money on the stencil (40$). It took a couple of weeks for the stencil to arrive. My enthusiasm fizzled out and I had to stop abruptly when I wasn't able to get the perfection despite using the stencil (probably due to improper techniques and lack of experience).

Plan C:   Just paint all 4 walls the beautiful turquoise by taking the simpler route. It took just 4 hrs start to finish getting all the walls done. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with the color after they went up on all 4 walls. I couldn't do much about it at that point but to leave it like that for few days and see if the color would grow on me. My feelings didn't seem to change. It still wasn't sinking in.

Plan D: After continuous thoughts, I decided to paint it in insipid white (back to basic). So went and brought primer. While at the store I decided to get a quart can of tomato red color (the accent color as per the design board). Thought I would create some easy geometric pattern on the white wall and will use the leftover turquoise and  red paint sparsely on the patterns. Even though I bought all the supplies I was going back and forth with the idea. Afterall it is hard work to repaint and start from scratch.

Plan E: I had a couple of visitors in between and they did not have a negative response like I did to the turquoise walls. They suggested me to leave it that way (at least for few more years) and not to hurry in painting it over. Thanks to Usha aunty who suggested that instead of painting it all white I could use a little white color (may be some design or something) to tone down the turquoise a little bit and that should probably do the magic. That gave me this idea of creating just a single line of the chevron pattern using white paint over the turquoise wall. I already had white paint left from my other painting projects which would be just enough to do the chevron pattern. I eventually also made use of my stencil in giving the final touch to this rather pesky guest bedroom project.

After 2 rolls of painters tape,  multiple coverup plans and some scrub-a-dub with carpet cleaner, this project would not have seen the light of the day without my dear darling hubby's strong muscle, laser cut precision and unconditional patience. Even though it's quiet not what I imagined it to be, I still think it is a beauty (in the eyes of its beholder).

I intend to change my accent pieces down the lane for this room. But for now, the bedroom is more than ready to cosy up it's guest in its new adorned look. So, who is going to be the lucky one to enjoy this fresh new space?


Color - Brand:BEHR ULTRA Number: 500B-4 Color Name: Gem Turquoise Finish: Eggshell.
I gave only one coat and got that color. But it did take a couple of days to actually show up this true turquoise.

Roller - I used semi rough to smooth surface microfiber roller for the turquoise and used a smaller size "high density foam roller" for the chevron pattern.

Stencil - CuttingEdgeStencil.com

Quilt Set: Online Target Mudhut Brand.

Accessories: Garage Sale finds and used some spray paint for the pop of red.

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