June 9, 2014

Think Before You Speak

A month or so ago in a social place, I went and introduced myself to a local (well known) performer here (sorry won't give name). I wanted to just say a few good words about her performance and let her know that her shows are very well received. I was meeting her face to face (one on one) for the first time and have followed her mostly through FB photographs and comments.While chatting, by way of complimenting her (in my mind I thought it was a compliment at that time), I said - OMG, you look so much better in person".
Okay, Okay - I seriously did not mean that in a literal sense. All I wanted to mean was she looked far younger in person than I thought her to be from the perception I had through her photographs.

Later that day when I echoed the same words in my mind I heard it loud and clear. Thank god she was not a Model! such a terrible thing to say to a model isn't it? :). she would have got right back at me :).  Jokes apart, in no way I meant to ridicule her. I later sent her an apology note explaining what I really had on my mind
when I said those words. She responded in a way that suggested that she accepted it.

This is not the first time I have spoken before I properly thought through it. Just another flaw in me :(.

That said, have you ever been in a situation where someone purposely (with meanness) passed a ding on you among friends/acquaintances? There have been many such times when I really want to reciprocate to an argument, discussion or plain mean sarcasm. Especially with sarcastic remarks, I so want to get back at them then and there. I keep thinking for that one relevant material/word that would turn the situation back on them and say - "The joke is on you pal". I also seriously wish the person who passed a sarcastic remark would have "Thought Twice Before Speaking".

Later when I sit to gather my train of thoughts - Oh, I should have said that to make it more emphatic or valuable or rhetorical. If you see, there are times when I actually think before I speak but what's the point,
the moment has passed and it ain't gonna happen.

I guess one has to train their mind to -
Think all you want but don't speak all you think. 
Think fast but not in a hurry. 
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