June 6, 2014

Attitude Is contagious

I think by default the word “Attitude” puts up a negative aura. People most often use this word to express when he or she displays snobbish, temperamental and callous behavior. When you say – “Oh, she had an attitude” doesn't that sound debasing ? But when you prefix with an adjective like “great” and see - “Oh, she had a great attitude”, now this sounds like you are appreciating. So, the word when used alone seems to take a negative spot and probably needs an adjective to make a positive impact

What attitude you display socially does not necessarily explain or justify your attitude towards life and everything else. It can be deceptively related, so I prefer to see them separate.

Especially when you are a stranger, your attitude is what is going to define your personality. Be it men or women we all look for that vibe in the other person before connecting with them. With strangers whether I want to leave it at a handshake or do I want to keep connecting the dots it actually depends on what attitude the other person is wearing. What’s hard to figure out is their attitude towards life. At least not until we actually get to know them, right?  See now that’s a catch 22 situation.

My attitude towards life is very simple - Live and let live. But when it comes to socially being, I think I don't have a definitive attitude. I admit I am a bit flaky in this field. Sometimes I chose to ignore these people with attitude disorder but there have been times when (may be even just for the moment) I have caught their attitude disorder just to be their mirror and show them how it is like. I always end up in remorse after I have gone through that. I do get upset about myself but seems like I haven't found a way to completely get over it either (even today).

Every now and then we do meet, hear or read about those influential people and wish to keep the same attitude as them. We also meet people who influence us just the opposite way. Either ways, I do think Attitude is contagious. The question is, Is yours worth catching? It is at your own discretion to want to catch it or to say- No thanks, I have my own. 
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