July 14, 2014

Feeling Hot Hot Hot......

The best Spring and Summer days that Seattle has seen this year I would say although the raising heat can be a bit of a bummer.

It gets so bright over here that it's hard to drive around or walk outside without sunglasses. While loads of sunscreen, sunglasses and hat can protect your skin,  eyes and keep you from getting a headache, water helps you to keep yourself hydrated and refrain from sunstroke.

At home this is what I have been sipping into for the past week. Chilled Green Tea during the morning and Salty-Spicy Lassi for evenings and night. Of course healthy eating too.

I use Bigelow Green Tea with some Lemon rinds and ginger while boiling. Slice up some Lime add it to the bottom of the jug and refrigerate it. Add some ice cubes when you ever you feel thirsty.

Whip all these in a blender and enjoy - buttermilk (store bought) with some green chilli, ginger, black salt, salt

After all the weight gain and eating disorder that I picked up during the summer vacation trip, these two drinks are helping me take control of my bloating and regulating my appetite.

I still need to start on my usual walk/jog to bring my weight back under control. Haven't had the courage to set out since its hot outside even during evenings. Sunscreen and Hat don't seem to have any effect on my skin anymore. Nonetheless I still won't complain about it. It's beautiful to see WA at its glory. I know I will get to my walking/jog routine soon because I LOVE my outdoor time. Helps me destress and gain back some sanity to the hard working mind and body.

Try these and let me know how it works for you, if it doesn't I think its time you look for the red straw that I have in my picture. Probably that's integral to this trick :)

Enjoy your summer days.

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