July 22, 2014

The Bright Side Of Black

If you ask a five year old, black and white is not a color that they would agree to be even called as color. Of course I would want a 5 year old to work with eminent colors than just black. While their world is more rocking with bright vivid colors, for an adult psychology the color black has to do a little more than that.

Culturally I have been fed this thought that the color Black takes away all the fun because of the eeriness it develops. Despite that IMHO I feel that, as much eerie as the color black is being portrayed (in some culture), it is also an authoritative color. Even though I am scared of my dark black shadow or a dark black room or just the black night skies, some things are more adorned when it's black, don't you agree?   Let me tell you about just 5 of the top things that I love to have in Black.

Black Silky Tresses - Call it mid life crisis or hereditary whatever it is, my yearning for jet black silky tresses has topped my list due to the multiplying grey shade. Some say it's wisdom I say signs of aging. I know it's an era of dying it to whichever color you want, but you will only be able to understand my plight if you have to dye it every 15 days treating it with so many chemicals. What a boon it would be to have this fortifying black tresse! Thinking about all the flaunting I could do being a hair model swinging my hair in slow motion and untying  it for a Pantene commercial :)

Black Long Garment - Hello my ladies friends! you know what I mean. Every women should/must have that "perfect" black dress in her wardrobe. I am sure many of us already do have a black dress, but mine is too far from being called "perfect".  By perfect I mean how poised, unattainable, sensual I would look walking into a red carpet event that night in my backless, sleeveless long Versace gown of mine with well fitted velvet black gloves raising upto my arms. Nothing can charm a man when a women walks in with a mysterious aura in black.

Black Equestrian Pet  - In a world where most people think of cats and dogs as pet I value an equestrian as a companion. Ever since I watched the movie Black Beauty (adaptation from Anna Sewell's Novel), I have gone head over heels for a galloping friend like him. What a wondrous journey  it would be forming the special bond from a pony to a colt to being a stallion. Thinking about all the adventurous journey on the hills, charging through the beaches and growing up as a buckaroo (cowgirl) :)

Black Rock - Ok, not literally a rock, it's the diamond that I am referring to. What women doesn't like jewelry? While diamonds in general are womens best friend, a black diamond is that special best friend. I already am a collector of jewels with precious stones , So, doesn't that justify enough to have this black diamond added into my treasure. Just the feeling of uniqueness when everyone else around me will be flashing their white diamonds, I will have the advantage of showing this precious contrasting colored stone from Zales. 

Black Ride - Well, it's not just any black ride that I will fall for. It has to be the one that has the characteristic three pointed stars as trademark (Mercedes). I once rented a Mercedes Convertible in one of my road trips in europe and fell in love with it instantly. I was swarmed by people asking me all sorts of questions about the car (I loved getting the attention). Let me be honest, to me, it's not all about the well crafted cars with quality engines and stuff. It's mostly about the swagger. Imagining a trendy portfolio photoshoot of my Mercedes black flawless glossy body. Oh la la!

Black is often seen as a symbolism for affluence, power, elegance, sophistication, and confidence.  With that said, now I am dreaming that I am on a beach walking with my power packed Black Stallion friend dressed in my elegant Black flowy gown, occasionally clearing my shiny jet black strands of hair from my face, when suddenly a sophisticated black Mercedes pulls over in front of me and my confident, handsome man dressed in a black tuxedo gets off of it and woos me with that affluent black diamond.

Ah, what a lucky girl I am!
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