July 9, 2014

Summer Vacation - 2014

Most people go on vacations with the intention to relax and get away from the mundaneness. But ironically by the time we get back from the trip we somehow feel overstretched and that we need another vacation to destress from the one that we just took. Not sure where and why we are going wrong? Perhaps we action pack our days and try to get most bang for the buck? or Is it just the feeling of not wanting to come back to routine?

Our vacation didn't end on any different note than what I mentioned above. Nonetheless, I am always happy to get back in my very own bed and pillow. "Knock-Knock". Who is there? Your Real Life. Real Life Who? Wish i could elude that. Sigh! After clearing a heap of laundry, flood of emails from work and tons of updates and posts from the virtual world, finally I have caught up my breath enough to share with you our experience on this summer vacation trip.

This trip was mostly keeping in mind our son, for him to remember by what he did in the summer of 2014. So  as parents we did the due diligence and decided to take him to "Vegas" :).  Sounds crazy isn't it! Well, its not all that....soak it up.....It was a 9 days trip driving through few places in 4 states (Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California). Of course the driving saga started after we reached the infamous Las Vegas.

Click below links for more....
N for Nevada
U for Utah
A for Arizona
C for Californification, oops! California.

By the end of our trip what did I learn and realise -

1) Our planet (known so far) is the only planet in the whole cosmos that has livable conditions and the most important component is "Water". It's a precious resource and Please DO Not Waste it.

2) I realized how much I have been spoil by Washington in terms of weather, greenery and more importantly the taste of water. I hated the taste of tap water in Vegas and San Diego. After all the harsh heat and splitting headaches and scarcity of water, I promised myself that I would never ever complain about Seattle's rainy weather or gloomy climate.

3) I (re) learned the need to be thankful for what god has graced us with.

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