July 9, 2014

N For Nevada

Las Vegas (Nevada)
If you directly come to this post, you may want to catch up on my prelude note here.

This is my 3rd time in Vegas so felt very familiar, except this time I couldn't pretend play "single - ready to mingle" ;). When I told my mom Vegas will be one of our destinations, she was stunned and kept asking why would you want to take a 7 year old there. Isn't that a freakout place for adults (only). I said chill mom, we will manage to show only that part of Vegas where a 7 year old can freak out too. So, here you go......I could easily write a post 10 best things to do for some family fun in Vegas :)

Ok, wrong picture...but I gotta say I sure did miss my gamblers luck this time....

So what comes to mind when I think about Vegas trip this time - Blazing Hot (day and night). It was between 110 to 114 Fahrenheit during our stay. By the end of the day we had splitting headaches. Since pappa bear and mamma bear both knew their melting points, we were smart enough to carry medicines which we diligently had to swallow every night for the relief in order to be back to take the beatings again for the next day.

We stayed at Circus Circus and Excalibur where both of the hotels offered us comfy rooms with no views at all.

We all know that Vegas = Night Life, but less for Family Night. So, the only night we stepped on the Vegas strip was for just watching the Bellagio musical fountain, which by the way our 7 yr old was totally mesmerized. So, isn't that something for kids too. That and a little more with all the exoticly dressed ladies on streets at that hour (if you know what I mean). Not to forget those humans dressed as cartoon characters and superheroes trodding the lanes to catch our attention so that they could make a living out of it.

Circus Circus was the most fun especially when you head as a family trip. They have shows (free of cost) targeting kids. Of course our lil guy had eye popping amazed expressions when the juggler, acrobats were displaying their talents and how can I forget his giggles and laughs when the clown showed up. It was all worth it.

Some exceptional hoola hooping act at the show arena

Also, someone freaked out at the Arcade and never wanted to get off.

"Et tuBrute?"....The tree from which the apple fell.

Thanks to Circus Circus for luring us into breaking our dollar bills into loose coins and giving us back a terrific pad to spend some quality family fun time.

Yes we won some soft toys, these and more....

Decision made - "Mummy, I think I am not ready yet for the adventuredome. Lets get back to the Arcade". Of course you aren't...after all he has to have some qualities from mumma as a whimpy kid., so we skipped.

Thanks to Mandalay Bay for housing the Shark Reef Aquarium. I learned that my son already knows a lot more about marine life than what I know as a grown up. It was fun taking lessons from him.

Hotel and Casino Venetian was also a great place for some fun and entertainment. Whether you take the Gondola ride yourself or just be a bystander, nothing could be dreamier than that. My little one enjoyed taking loads of pictures and here is one of his shots. Of course with mommy's little help.

There is often something going on at St. Mark Square (Venetian). I don't understand one word they speak.....eeee rrrr.....sing. But it was free of cost :) For kids, they think its a funny show with all that odd singing sounds and the man in the stilts :)

Apart from that we also did the usual casino hopping and bored our little one with a little history geography lessons. Oh ya, isn't all the casino themes a good way to impart some knowledge. Come on remember the saying - "All fun and no learning makes jack a dull boy". Ok-Ok, I know what you are going to say but all I hear is blah-blah-blah...hmmm...oh! I wonder if that's exactly what my son heard while I was jabbering through the casino hopping tour.

In my personal opinion this is what I thought - kids learn better when they see books with lots of vividly colored pictures. But I always felt that if they could see those in real it makes a greater impact. While I don't know if I can show him around all these places in real, I think this was a better alternative to introduce a few replica of renowned landmarks around the world to improve his knowledge. Just my 2 cents.

Oh ya, The USA of New york! (Hotel and Casino Newyork Newyork)

World of Parisians (Hotel and Casino Paris Paris)

World of Egyptians (Hotel and Casino Luxor )

World of Romans (Hotel and Casino Caesars Palace)

I can't refrain from mentioning about the interior of Bellagio. What a treat to eyes. Fills my heart with happiness just looking at the colorful structures and arrangements.

Reminds me of the blog that I ardently follow - My Dream Canvas. It's a very happy virtual place for me.

This artist on the harp actually made everyone stay put....It was definitely music not just ears but for your soul too.

So that bring an end to our Vegas stay.......oh no, there is more....Although many of us confine Vegas to just the strip maniacs, mamasita this time wanted to pay a visit to the Red Rock Canyon State Park. It's about 30min outside of the strip.

It's nothing spectacular but was good for me to spend some time with my camera and also kindle my son's imagination - How? Hello...Canyon + rock formation + shapes = imagination......There you go, I see you are getting there......

Doesn't that look like a turtle? If you can't then you have poor imagination skills.

Inside the park you can take the approximately 13 mile loop within the comfort of your car. But if you would like a closer
look of the rocks and formations and clusters you will have to sweat yourself by taking some trails.
There were easy trails too but we did not even think of taking one mainly because of the heat, well that and and also
I was dressed Vegas style and not Canyon style.

Someone thinks this is all what it is about rock climbing - ha ha ha

I had to show you the sky hues that we saw that day when we were heading out of the park.
The park closes around 8:00 pm and they will make sure nobody is left around after that. On our way out I had to make one more halt to digitize this scene.

We wrapped up our Vegas stay with this natures spectacularity and headed towards Arizona enroute Utah. Click here to read about our next destination U for Utah. 
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