May 30, 2014

Turquoise And Red Bedroom

For a while I have been thinking about how I can build my blog. I asked myself what is the most I love about. "Decor" was one thing that kept rebounding. That doesn't mean I am discontinuing to paint my word on few other topics (travel, photography, food, thoughts) that I contribute in my blog.

Usually, before I plan to decor any part of my house, I prefer to put together a pallet board to coordinate pieces and colors that can stir me in the right direction. That gave birth to this idea. Why can't I continue to do that even if it's not for my house. With the endless possibilities available out there in dressing up a room, I know there is only so much I can make it a reality in my house.

So with the intention of inspiring you and help you take the right direction, I will be trying to bring you my pallet board that I assimilate from the plethora of items that are available on the internet.

Here is a bedroom put together for you to checkout. I am in love with this turquoise color especially pairing it with the bold red.

Psstt...I am certainly taking inspiration for my next project at home (painting one of my guest bedroom)

Here is the link to all the individual pieces.

Individual item list below. Click on each to check details.
Black Figurine
Colorful Sculpture

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