April 24, 2014


At the entrance of tower of Pisa 

We had a quick stop at Pisa. We were heading back from Sperlonga and en route to Rome we decided to stop at Pisa to go to see the Leaning Tower, other than that I am not sure what else is there around.

Leaning tower of Pisa: I have some co-workers who are located in Italy. I spoke to one of them before we decided to even choose Italy as one of our destinations. Astonishingly, while talking he mentioned "Why do you want to waste your time going to Pisa?" It sounded like a waste of time and the locals seem to not recommend it as much. He even said that its unnecessarily hyped! We still had to put it on our list of places to see, since we have all studied that in either history or geography.

Recommendations, Suggestions and Tips:
  • You can book tickets to go to the top in advance to save a lot of time.
  • They do have a minimum age limitation I believe ( 5+ years). So even if we had lot of time, we still wouldn't have been able to go since my son had just turned 5.
  • The green garden is luscious and enjoy some rolling.
  • Hold on to everything that is precious to you, cos, you could lose it in the blink of an eye.

Narration of personal incident:       Almost Lost a Part of me in Pisa

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