May 18, 2014

Cute Chocolate Cup

This weekend it was project chocolate cups (again).  I made a disastrous attempt on it a couple of weeks back. It was horrible having chocolate splurt all over my kitchen (including ceiling and in the crevice of window blinds). 30 min into the project ended up in 3hrs of cleaning. My bad. But that didn't deter me.

Double boil Semi Sweetened Baker's Chocolate.

After my 1st failed attempt I thought it might just be a good idea to do the dipping thing in the backyard/garage just to avoid any mishap. I set the dipped chocolate balloon in the refrigerator for faster solidification. I guess if you set it outside it takes about 30min. It took just 10-12min setting in the fridge.

After poking the balloon with a toothpick, leave it like that for for 10min. This will make it easier to draw the remaining balloon from the interior of the cup.

Voila! there you go. Now fill it with whatever delectable treat you want and enjoy.

We enjoyed it with some fruit cream. Next time, I want to try mousse.

Someone is very very happy with all the deliciousness.

Can I eat the chocolate bowl? Yes dear.

Here is another one for some variety.

Contributing this post to ABC Wednesday, Round 15

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