May 1, 2014

Moth Beans Salad Or Side Or Snack

Recipe adapted from my friend Teena.

This was first introduced to me as a evening snack item at Teena's place and I thought how wonderfully this could easily be even a Salad or Side dish. I have had this with Roti and I have had this even as a dinner just as Salad. It's hearty and filling for me and of course when its beans it's got to be nutritious isn't it?

Here is my version, I am sure you can make your very own adaptation just as I did.  I am going to defer the quantity to you guys since I believe it is irrelevant and can be prepared according to your very own likes/dislikes and preferences.

What do you need?

Moth Beans
Boiled Potatoes (Peeled and Diced)
      I always prefer Red Potatoes over any other variety due to less starch content.
Cucumber (Peeled and diced)
Green Chilies (diced)
Lime Juice
Salt & Pepper
Black Salt (or anything that has black salt - Jal jeera powder /Pani Puri Masala.....)

Soak Moth Beans for couple of hours.
Steam or pressure cooked up to 1 whistle.
     Note: The beans tend to get over cooked and loses its form so I avoid cooking it for longer duration.
Let the pressure release and cool down. Drain excess water and if possible dry out.
     Note: I boil my beans a day earlier, drain thoroughly and refrigerate it. This gives me the dry texture                that I look for.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

I don't feel the need for chounk, tadka, vagar at all. Like it as is. I also avoid cooking beans with Salt for no good reason, but I prefer it that way.

If I am serving it as side, I leave it at that.
If I am serving it as salad, I incorporate Lettuce. I don't use tomato, but that's an option to try.
If I am serving it as a snack, I fold in something crunchy (Punjabi mix, Mixture, Chips...)

Serve it with Chai at Snack during winter or with cool Jaljeera during hot summers.
          Note: I mix store bought Jaljeera powder with Soda or Sprite. It tastes amazingly refreshing.

Enjoy it whichever way you like,
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