August 14, 2014

E For Eiffel Tower

Everyone has a dream growing up and like most adolescent girls I had this magnificent dream that I would go to Paris for my honeymoon and I will kiss my husband at the top of Eiffel Tower. What can I say, I am pretty romantic at heart :)

In those days travelling abroad was itself a rarity and travelling for pleasure was almost unheard of.
Little did I know that I will find my prince charming who would actually make my dream come true.
Thanks honey for this unforgettable moment. Since then I believe that dreams do come true :)

We are not the kind of people who would kiss and tell, but we sure are the ones that would kiss and show - he he he :). Well, I definitely didn't think of having some random person click our pic while we kiss at the top of original Eiffel, I did have someone take a pic while we tried to repeat the scene in the replica built in Las Vegas Nevada.

Someone was not ready for paparazzi I guess :)

Linking to ABC Wednesday - Round fifteen.

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