August 9, 2014


Jake's widowed mother always wanted him to join the army even though she lost her husband to one, but Jake always blamed the army for embittering his life growing up without a father figure.
Just like his father he is brave heart, he fought like a true warrior when in action and sprung in action without any hesitation protecting his country. 
Nonetheless he was never sure if the army was the right place for him and so was ready to get back home from his deputation and start afresh.
That night in his dreams he hears a voice, which he assumes to be his father's, that says – “There are only 2 important days in everyone’s life, the day they are born and the day they realize why they were born.

Sadly the moment of epiphany occurs as Jake's luminous soul departs his body while he dies a heroic death saving an innocent civilian's life.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction Word Prompt – "Luminous"

Genre:                            Fiction
Word:                             Luminous
Line Count:                  5 sentences

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