August 6, 2014


PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg

On our way to the honeymoon suite, we stopped at a viewpoint.
A strange sense of familiarity surged even though I have never been there before.
Brief flashes of déjà vu hits me as my eyes caught up with the old yet charming house that stood amidst the view.
My subconscious mind forced me to drive there where we hesitantly knocked at the door.
The old lady who opened the door said in an emotional voice “I knew you would come back one day”
Right there in the front,  I see an inundating portrait of myself dressed like a prince.

Contributing towards Friday Fictioneers
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Word Count: Approx 100 using the above photo prompt

Thanks, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for hosting “Friday Fictioneers,” for the great photo-prompt.

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