April 24, 2014


Admirably beautiful quaint town at the border of Italy and Switzerland. I personally felt that the population of the town could easily be less than the number of tourist and travellers that I saw traipsing around. We were boarding our scenic train from here to go to Zurich (Switzerland). The town by itself does not show up as a tourist spot.
Recommendations, Suggestions and Tips:
  •  If you happen to board the scenic train (Bernina) from Tirano and you happen to have enough time before you on board, a quick circling around the town will kindle the excitement before you cross the border. 
  • Do treat yourself with a cup of hot chocolate/cappuccino/ice cream from any of the shops, it is way dreamier and creamier.
  • The sound of the Cathedral bell/Tower clock upto the hour every time will fill your ears with melody.

I will actually have more pics of this train and route in my Swiss travelouge

Hot chocolate in a real ceramic cup and saucer!

No, this is not the ice cream that i was talking about :)

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