April 22, 2014

Measuring Tape Vs Weighing Scale

Today I am going to indite a few things that helped me shed my excess baggage and also helped me keep it that way. My goal was to get to the size I felt comfortable with, than about the weight. You may ask don't they go hand in hand - but to me size matters the most {if you know what i man} :).
I have known friends of mine who weigh more than I do and yet they have a svelte figure than I do. I have also known people who exhibit the opposite quality too. So I was very clear in my mind when I started off with this plan (3 yrs ago) that my ultimate goal is getting back in size than focusing on my weight. I couldn't care any less if I was still 5 or 10 lbs more than my pre-maternity weight. Of course I did lose weight eventually.

If you are struggling with obesity or if you are looking for quick turnarounds then probably this may not interest you. However you can always inculcate in eating the better way. Here is how I worked my way up.

Doctor checkup - Know your numbers.

I went for a full checkup to ensure I am not diabetic or have issues with BP, cholesterol, triglyceride, hemoglobin. I was happy to learn that I was good on all those grounds. At the very onset I want to put a caveat that I embarked on this only after I knew I was ok with the majority on my "know your numbers" report.

Food Habit - Satisfy not sacrifice.

Food is an important part of a balanced diet. I personally feel that the trick of abstinence won't help you get far with this routine (unless its  something that is bad for your health). My motto was eat everything you like but in moderation. If there is a way you can make a healthy swap try that, if not it's ok to indulge in a sinful dessert once in a while. Rationing is the key.

Eating Habit - Good things come in small packages. 
Reduce your meal portion and eat more frequently.

Exercise - Move your muscle.

An hours worth of workout at least 5 days a week will help you reach your goal faster. For me mostly its cardio. Running was my prime card. Just move it the way you love.

Salt - Be frugal.

In our case we already had the habit of going low on salt but we deliberately made attempts to lower that even further.  People think adding less salt to your food also lead to problems. I agree with that 100%, but all I am saying is that we can curb the amount in our food without jeopardizing the actual quantity needed because I am pretty sure that we almost never look into the that we also get sodium from fruits, snacks, vegetables too that we consume. Click here to find more on the nutrient on fruits and vegetables.

Water - Go above and beyond.

They say drink minimum 8 glasses, so I made sure I drank at least 10 glasses (8oz each time). I used to have my reminder set for that at first to bring that to practice. A few noteworthy things on water consumption are -
  • I prefered lukewarm water 1st thing in the morning (after brushing tough!). 
  • I would suggest alternating between hot and cold water every other glass. Room temperature is also ok instead of cold. I hate ice cold water cos of my sinus and sensitivity to teeth.
  • I would suggest drinking a glass of water 10-15min before you have tea or coffee (anytime during the day).
  • I would suggest drinking a glass of water about 15-30 min before a meal.
  • I would suggest drinking a glass of water just before going to bed. 
Green Tea - Not everybody's cup of tea.

I must say not everyone will like it. But it's not that hard to cultivate your taste for this. Thanks to my friend Teena who introduced me to this wondrous substance. It does help. I am not trying to put a spin on it by saying you are going to see a drastic difference just by consuming that. But I can promise that habituating to this tea can only improve your metabolic activity. There is a plethora of information on the internet about green tea benefits, please care to read some if you haven't. Note: I count this as a glass of water.

Calcium - Popping pills.

Add calcium to a low fat diet. It plays a crucial role in regulating how fat is stored and broken down by the body. It's thought that the more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more fat it will burn. Recommend checking with your doctor on this though.

Fiber Supplement - Stir to hear the whirr.

Drink twice or thrice a day dissolving in water, once especially at night before going to bed. I prefer it this way than those gummies or pills. Note: I count this as a glass of water.

Oats - Light as a feather.

This is another item that I made mandatory in my diet. Once or twice a week we would make oats porridge and eat it along with curry in any form for dinner. We love it. I bet this is also acquired taste. Since dinner need not be a heavy meal having it at night is the best time IMHO. Your tummy will thank for going easy on it once in a while. Thanks to my MIL who introduced me to this light weight item. 

Egg - No sunny side up.

Egg whites help burn fat. Try including only the whites in your breakfast (boiled/poached/omelette).

Green Chilies - Hot and sexy. 

The heat that the chilli gives out is an agent to actually sort of help reduce fat storage. However don't go too much on it, since it has side effects. But including some heat element to your food might actually help. Remember green chilies, not red chilies or chili powder as much.

Additionally, have included - Multigrain Bread, Quinoa, Avocado, Almonds (unroasted/unsalted), Berries (mainly Blueberries), Raisins, Dark chocolate.

It took me a solid 4 months to even start seeing any result/change. But from there on I knew I was on the right track. Patience is a virtue and I guess I exhibited that for the most part. I was between size 5 and 6 (of course US size chart) 3 years ago. My goal was to get to size 2 or 1. I even got to size 0 just for a brief period (but I hated myself  that way). Now I am at size 2 and hoping to keep it that way.

I know, we all wish we were born with cast iron stomach. Since that isn't true a little patience and discipline is essential. True discipline is really just self-remembering, no forcing or fighting is necessary. I hope some of these tips come handy and help you achieve your goal too.
Good luck for your Good health.

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