April 24, 2014


Coastal View

It's a small coastal town. It was a fantastic surprise how quiet and cosy and beechy it was. Most people chose Amalfi coast for the coastal experience in Italy. When we planned out the trip I went to Italy map and started to spot pick the coastal towns. I couldn't exactly find much reviews for Sperlonga but whatever was there it was good enough for us to take the risk and it paid off very well. Besides we wanted to have something to talk about our trip that others may not have experienced in Italy so commonly. This is a good place where at you can end your vacation. The beach was enticing. The breeze and sound of waves will just make you feel like you got an oxygen treatment for your lungs. I and my son freaked out in the waters. We  didn't want to end. 

Coastal View, You can choose to see the crowd or its beauty 

Recommendations, Suggestions and Tips:
  • Travelling to Sperlonga may be a little tricky/cumbersome/annoying if you are going to take the public transport. But its all worth it. The bus service from the Metro station to the town runs at the frequency of per hour. You literally have to use the push and shove technique to get in the bus. It was kind of fun though if you have a gang of folks helping and covering for you. If you can rent a car to drive from Rome, that would be a better choice. 
  • The beach does have rocky areas in some spots but there were plenty of perfectly sandy areas too. 
  • You will have to pay to rent a chair (recline) or umbrella.
  • Lots of sunscreen is a must. 
  • Our hotel (Hotel Ganimede) was not on the shore, but it was THE BEST, LUXURIOUS, CLEAN and EXTREMELY MODERN one. Large breakfast bar, they have room service, best shower with bath robes and all. Not one thing to complain. The ONLY hotel in our whole time in Italy we actually enjoyed staying. No, I am not paid for my recommendation.  
  • There is a church/cathedral at the top of the hill near the beach. An evening walk with loved ones or just by yourself - through the town, up some incline and stairs you will end up with the best moment of your day or even your trip. Pictures speak a thousand words!

They call it the entrance to the beach. Love the colors in the water.

We loved the walk up the hill to the church/cathedral. 

View of the dock enroute to cathedral at the top of the hill

Other side of the dock (which is split by this rocky wall) is a calm place drown yourself in the view

Occasionally take the splashing showers

Sunset that we captured from top of the hill

The stairs that take you to the church on the hill is quite a workout

Something for the kids too

Night view of the promenade

Devouring Tiramisu

I couldn't resist putting pics of our hotel - Lobby 

Backside of our hotel room

The best moment of our trip captured for ever

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