April 27, 2014

The Gift Of Gift Wrapping Paper

It's been a while I haven't written any blog on my home update projects. Well, that's because I haven't attempted on one since my last project (my son's room). These days I spend my free time outdoors and take advantage of the springing weather. Well, until I get to some hard work, I just thought these simple ideas might help you adorn your space.

Many supermarket stores these days have an assortment of gift wrapping papers. Unlike the typical wrapping papers these have a designer quality to it with eye catching motif. As a matter of fact some of them look very much like wallpaper. For locals here check Marshalls and TJMaxx store and of course Amazon.

You can easily place a cut out of the paper instead of a photo in a picture frame, shown below.
PS: you can also try using scrapbook paper, it has some thickness to it.

Another one is to invert the above idea. You can cut out and place the wrapping paper around the picture. Doesn't that give enough depth to your photo. 

I swap the paper based on my duvet cover and coordinate accordingly for a harmonious look. I keep the unused ones right behind the picture inside the frame so its a lot more accessible and stays unfolded all the time.

If you have a picture frame that doesn't have a glass (and you no longer plan to use it as is) you can cut out some wrapping paper and inset using double sided tape. You almost will never feel the need to discard old frames :)

Books and Photo albums are also a great way to decorate space and keep it interesting. A photo album is a conversation piece isn't it? You can buy not so expensive photo albums and wrap it with the one that can correlate your living room (or anywhere). Easy way to hide that cheap cover :).

You can wrap a shoebox deftly and bam! you have got yourself a decorative box to store your knickknacks. I guess I have given enough to kindle your ideas to use them creatively. So, next time you see a gift wrapping paper think decor :) - happy wrapping!

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