April 23, 2014

Almost Lost A Part Of Me In Pisa (Italy)

Where I almost lost a part of me!

When we reached Pisa, I couldn't believe my eyes (not for the architecture). The place was populated with tourist. Not complaining about the crowd at all, I loved the hustle bustle. We knew we won't be able to get to the top of the tower looking at how densely it was occupied. Besides they let go only handful of people at a time.

We decided to stay on the ground take pictures, probably look inside the Cathedral (queue everywhere though). We had a medium size carry on trolley bag with few necessities (and valuables) along with us. I started taking pictures pronto. After a few pics here and there, it started to get cloudy. My then 5 year old got more crankier as it started to drizzle and the fact that we did not have an umbrella.

We were pressing for time and the raindrops just worsened it. I couldn't take my camera out. We came this far not to just go back. So I and my husband decided to split up. While I wait under a meager shelter with my son and trolley bag, my husband would go check out the place and be back in 10-15min and then I will take my turn next. We did not have cell phones to connect so we had to stick to the spot where we were until my husband returned.

As my husband was leaving my son's tantrums got even worse and it also started to rain a bit more. I was struggling to calm him down and also had to take care of the bag which had our passports and tickets for further journey. I decided to stealthily open the bag and thought of giving my son a snack to calm him down.  By the time I opened my bag and got the snack and turned around, I see my son no where.....I drew a blank for a sec not knowing what to do...My bag was still open....I couldn't see my son....I start to panic and started to shout out his name. I hastily closed my suitcase half way and ran out dragging the trolley bag hoping to find my son amongst this monstrous crowd. I was blaming myself for what had happened and was so shocked that my tears froze.

While I was chasing around (outside) the cathedral, I saw my husband running in a direction, we were quite far off to hear each other but could see each other. He spotted my son actually and seeing him alone he rushed to fetch him before he lost sight of our son again. In a couple of minutes walked out of the cathedral holding my son (who was crying heavily).

As soon as we were united my husband didn't ask me anything. He could see my plight and knew what might have happened. He hugged me and I started to cry like a baby, choked up unable to explain how this all happened. My son saw me cry and hugged me and tried to calm me down.

Here is what happened: For some (miraculous) reason my husband decided to come back half way after we thought of the divide and conquer plan. Had he not been walking back, he wouldn't have seen our son wandering away.

We had 10min left  where I took 5 min to take as much pictures as I want and the other 5 min for choosing the souvenirs.

A happy shot of us before leaving Pisa

I asked my husband later after as to what made him come back halfway? He said he wasn't feeling comfortable leaving us alone that day. Considering the fact that we have done this divide and conquer approach many many times before I could only thank the force of god that made him feel uncomfortable just that day.

2 yrs later now my son has no recollection of this incident. It gives me goose bumps even today thinking what would have happened otherwise.  Nonetheless it was a gratifying moment. Even though we cross our "t"'s and dot our "i"'s, we never know what could go wrong in a split second. 

In memory of all those kids who have wandered away.

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