April 24, 2014

Vatican City

Did you know that Vatican City is a country of its own. So in true sense we covered one more country. I found that the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel are the top most to-see places when you visit (Rome) Italy. Although from my trip I did not get much out since we were there for just a few hours which we enjoyed being in the main viewing area (outdoor). I was also not much interested in looking Michelangelo's painting. But I really really wanted to capture the majesty of the architectural details at Pinacoteca, Bramante Staircase & St Peter's Basilica. I guess someday I will have to go back again. It was a 15 min walk from Metro to the Vatican. We could have waited for the bus, but then again short of time.
Recommendations, Suggestions and Tips:
  • Vatican and surroundings are heavily guarded. So always carry your passports if in case they may ask you for identification.
  • Starting your day early at the Vatican will give you enough time to explore in and around in a much fruitful way.
  • Please care to book the tours online before hand. When I say before hand I meant when you plan your itinerary of your whole trip. Especially if you want to look for specific time slots and specific days. 
  • Taking photographs are mostly not allowed within the Basilica/Chapel or near the paintings. People do sneak to do it anyways. If you get caught you may have to pay the price or erase the pictures if the guards ask you to do so. 

Columns at Vatican

I can't remember what this castle is but it was on the way we were walking from Vatican to bus stop to go see Rome Colosseum

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