April 20, 2014

Flatizza - Not Subway Style

Saturday we took our son on Easter egg hunt (which was his 1st one since he was born). After which we went to meet a very dear friend to congratulate the couple since they are on their family way yet again.
I was kind of bored to come home and cook a meal so we decided to eat at Denny's that afternoon. Then we were off to do some grocery shopping at Costco. Usually at Costco on a Saturday its like a party. The store offers samplers every corner and people are swarming around for some appetizing items. Well what else one needs on a wet saturday afternoon - a little free food never hurts your tummy isn't it.
But have you ever tried going to grocery shopping after having a hearty meal (stomach full)? Our reaction is - Oh no not one more morsel!  Sort of an aversion towards food. we hardly end up buying any grocery. I guess its psychological.
I bought a  packet of Pita bread and that gave me an idea for Pizza night.

What do you need (For 6 pizza's)?
Pita bread
1/2 Red onion (Diced)
2 Tomatoes (Diced)
1 Red Bell Pepper (Diced)
Pizza Tomato Sauce or even ketchup would do
Mozzarella shredded (Or any cheese that you may have at home)

For meat lovers - Sorry, I am a vegetarian. But you guys know the best, don't you?

Do I have to say how to prep for Pizza? A picture speaks thousand words. Hope this hints you enough :)

Let the Oven preheat at 350 degrees and then place your pizzas (on an oven tray) for about 20 -25 minutes. Voila! dinner is served.

If you don't want to use the oven, you can use your good old skillet (Tava). You will have to cook 'em individually on medium flame with a lid on it. FYI, I haven't tried this method, but that ought to do the work. 

Don't you all love it when you don't have to clean up after dinner. So, for me it's got to be the oven. I even served it on disposable plates leaving with literally no cleanup. Oh well, I did use a pizza cutter :)

Not bad at all for a Saturday movie night with your kid(s). We saw this advertisement for new "Flatizza from Subway" while eating and my son said - hey mommy you made us a Flatizza :) and that's how my pizza got re-christened as Flatizza (but not subway style).

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