April 30, 2014

Scenic Train Ride (Bernina Express)

We started our journey from Tirano (a border town between Italy and Swiss) onboarding a scenic railway (Bernina Express) to a city called Chur (in Switzerland) and continue from there to Zurich.
The train journey was true to its name "scenic railway". The fabulous Bernina Express is a narrow gauge train with panoramic sightseeing cars. From sunny Italy to icy Switzerland the journey through the alps is about 4hrs of which not one moment you will be disappointed. Ride through the tunnels, bridges, glacier posts makes you never want to go back to reality.

Most reviews online kind of suggests that tourist prefer the other way around, travelling from Switzerland to Italy on this same scenic ride. I have no idea why that would be a better way especially if its the same route to and fro. After thoughtful consideration to our itinerary and  budget and time we chose this route and I have no qualms about it what-so-ever.

We wanted to do one scenic train ride for sure (oh ya, there are a couple of more options available) in Switzerland. We had a conflict between Glacier Express and Bernina Express, in the end we chose Bernina since it worked in our schedule. Cost wise there wasn't much difference.

Info Courtesy: http://www.rhb.ch/Bernina-Express.2188.0.html?&L=4

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