April 24, 2014


You know which city (country) we are in when you see those :)

I could go on and on in this blog but I am forcing myself to contain. Everything you see and experience in Venice is all romance :). I always thought Venice is just a touristy place. I was surprised to see people take the water Taxi to go to work. No I am not talking about the local business. I am talking about the real working class having a briefcase with suit and tie and shoes. 
Recommendations, Suggestions and Tips:

  • If you are at leisure take a long stay here in Venice. Because this place could be the one where you can clear your head and get some perspective to life without being in solitude.
  • Rooms are expensive in Venice, but if you are on a budget find something on the innerside of the canal. They are relatively affordable. I don't know the pleasure or advantage of staying on the waters. 
  • If you have huge luggages and your destination is not just Venice, then prefer staying at a hotel closer to the Metro, you will thank yourself later for this. Saves you a lot of time, energy and money (paying for the water taxi and taxing yourself).
  • Taking a Gondola Ride is a must do activity (Especially in the evening). If you cannot afford a Private Gondola, there are local business that takes 2 couples on a Gondola ride. If you are a big family you might probably want to get a Private one. Works cheaper that way.
  • Don't forget to experience the outdoor dining and wining by the quiet water side - It's one of a kind.
  • Taking photographs is mostly not allowed within the Basilica/Chapel. People do sneak to do it anyways. If you get caught you may have to pay the price or erase the pictures if the guards ask you to do so. 
  • We spent our whole day taking the water taxi around all the places - Rialto Bridge, St.Martin's Square, St.Martin's Basilica, Around Murano (for glass art) and just hopping around stops for some food and shopping. 
  • I shopped around the kiosks near Rialto, St.Martin's  square and Murano for souvenirs. 
  • There are many bridges that look exactly like the Rialto bridge, don't know why Rialto became a coveted one. 
  • The st.Martin clock tower is also tilted just like tower of Pisa. You will only be able to figure that out when you cross St.Martin via water Taxi.
  • Think of Water Taxi as busses. These are the only way to commute around venice. A day pass helps save time.

St.Martin Basilica (Basilica of San Marco)

St. Martin Square


Inside St.Martin's Basilica

You can buy tickets to go inside and up the Basilica and thats where I got this shot.

St.Martin square from the top of Basilica. Restaurants prepping for outdoor dining.

My picture is not showing enough the tilt of the tower but you would know when you see it in person.

Shopping center at St.Martin square. I only did window shopping

Our Gondola

No, this is not Rialto bridge. This is near to the Venice train station (closer to our hotel)

Yes, that is Rialto bridge

wow, do you see how they bend their backs and swoop across. Pefection

I don't know why, I just had to share this. Not that you see this everyday :)

Murano Glass sculpture

Murano Glass

A narrow street (somewhere in Murano)

Busy Venice Street

The left side building is our hotel

Oh, that is it. This is the size of our room :)

A little flaunting is a must - Come on we had to do that :)

Us at Traghetto Gondola ride (They do group rides and were cheaper). Had a wonderful experience with singers onboard.

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