May 16, 2014

Blooming Tales - A Flower Field Trip

The moment we sight those buds on trees, we know that nature is going to put up a show with its spectacularity. The smell of blooming buds warms the heart after the chill of winters.

Our flowering season begins with those subtle yet majestic pink cherry blossoms. People flock to areas filled with blossom tirelessly clicking pictures with the blossoms in the background or keeping them in focus.

Did you know-The cherry tree is the most widely planted ornamental tree in the United States.

Here in our Pacific Northwest, the acclaimed University Of Washington attracts locals and tourists to behold the sight of cherry blossoms (Starts around End of March.). Some day I would wish to go see the Tidal Basin during peak bloom.

The bloom stories continues with the Tulip mania. I read in some gardening related website that Tulips are the easiest to grow in any garden. While we can enjoy the bright colors of Tulips in our garden (backyard/frontyard), how about the ones with yards and yards of Tulips in assorted colors?

Did you know-Tulip is the national flower of Turkey and Iran.

It's an annual event in our Pacific Northwest  to visit Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (Starts around beginning of April). It seems like most locals almost religious pay a visit to this farm. Reminds me of my trip to Keukenhof.

Does that brings us to the end of blooming Tales, No! Don't forget about the Lavenders. Gardeners like to call it the unfussy plant. The sweet smell of Lavenders lifts up our spirits. Needless to say the aroma attracts butterflies and bumble bees too. While some would like to call it a herb (which emits masculinity), I would like to keep it as a flower (which shows the feminine side).

Did you know - Lavender comes from the same family as  mint.

The notable Lavender Festival at Sequim in our Pacific Northwest is fondly claimed as the "Lavender Capital" of North America (Starts around mid July). The Lavender fields around this area also gives you the liberty to pick your very own Lavenders and buy the bouquet.

I feel like I am doing injustice to other flowers that I haven't mentioned. From Dandelions to Daffodils, flowers have the natural ability to cheer us up and radically improve our mood to be happy. Whenever I and my son go out on a walk by ourselves he always picks a Dandelion from the ground and gives it to me. Lucky me!

Adding pics of from my flower galore.

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