May 5, 2014

Suzzallo Library-University Of Washington

Over the weekend we visited the campus at University Of Washington. My dear hubby wanted to proudly show us (especially our son) around his classroom and building (where he seems to spend most of his time these days). He is fostering his qualifications through evening MBA at the university.

This is probably my 3rd visit in the campus area. Usually folks like me visit campus during Cherry Blossom season to admire the pink blooms in the quad and to take exhilarating pictures (family or nature) or attend graduation ceremonies.

While we were there in the campus I took the opportunity to use my shutter bug skills to capture the grandeur of Suzzallo Library, which I fondly call as "Hogwarts Library".

Here are some of my captures.

The 250 Foot Cathedral Ceiling

Of the 6 million volumes that make up the University of Washington Libraries collection, approximately 1.6 million are housed in Suzzallo/Allen Library.

 Tall leaded windows feature 35 foot stained glass panels reproducing Renaissance watermarks.

On the oriels at each end of the room, painted world globes bear the names of European explorers.

The Graduate Reading Room's distinctive look, reminiscents the great halls of Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

Cast-stone ashlar wall blocks and details, and oak bookcases.

Interesting thing I noticed while I was there, almost everyone who walked into the library took the stairs on the left (from the top floor and right as you are at the entrance/lobby).

The curving Grand Staircase  on the left side (from the top floor)

The curving Grand Staircase  on the right side (from the top floor)

 Collegiate Gothic style

I hope you see the reason why I call it the "Hogwarts Library".
I wish I was able to capture the outdoors/outside/facade too, but it was pouring outside. So, I am putting this under my "To Do" list.

You can see how happy I was in there (shot taken by my husband).

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