May 7, 2014

Mexico - Mayan's World

What's a milestone birthday if can't make it memorable one. In that quest I chose Mexico to celebrate my 35th birthday. I know, 35th is really not a milestone birthday. But, I sure did make it memorable enough to make it a milestone :)

Total No. of days: 3 days and 4 nights
Time of Year: March (2012)
Weather: Sunny mornings and slightly cool nights.
Destinations in Mexico: Cancun and Yucatan
Travelling From: Seattle (USA)
Commuting in Mexico: Tour bus and Resort bus
Visa: Required for Indian Citizens. It was easy since we had an embassy in Seattle. We went in person and got back our passports in 2 days.

The idea was to just "RELAX", enjoy the sea, sand and sexy weather.

While at it we also wanted to pay a visit to the archaeological site of the Chichén Itzá (600 AD) located in the Mexican state of Yucatán.

We stayed at the Royal Solaris Resort in Cancun on an ALL INCLUSIVE Package. Vegetarian food was sparse, but we were happy to live on Bread, Soft Tacos, Salads, Chips, Dips, Salsa, Juices and Desserts

The perks of "All Inclusive" package was that food and drinks was always at our disposal anywhere within the resort. All we had to do was show them our colored band. The receptionists tags at the concierge when we check in. They have different colors depending on what package you choose and accordingly you will be charged or not charged for food, drinks and activities on the resort.

The resort had many restaurants one of it served Buffet style. The chefs at the a la carte styled restaurants were extremely caring and paid needed attention to honor our vegetarian food habits. The willingness to work with our constraints and the hospitality made us one happy customer.

There was one fine dining restaurant where we had my birthday dinner. My husband was kind and thoughtful enough to sneak away and talk to the chefs at the fine dine restaurant and arranged for them to make a bday cake. I was deliriously happy with the surprise when the restaurant staff brought the cake and sang for me.

We took a sea view room and woke up to see the beautiful sunrise and at starry night the lullabies of the sea waves would put us to sleep. The resort had several activities for all age groups and they indeed strive to keep all their guests entertained.

We had booked on a tour to go see the Chichen Itza. We had a pickup and drop off arranged from our hotel by the tour people. Lunch was included in the tour (which also had entertainment).

Mayan Lady making corn tortillas the traditional way.

I seized my trip with a rejuvenating massage and facial at the resort. I thoroughly had the time of my life for sure. There was nothing that I could say was dissatisfactory.

More pictures here.

Note: I read that Chichen Itza is accounted under the "New 7 wonders of the world".

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