May 7, 2014

I Can Paint-An Effortless Way To Showcase Your Talent

If you are anything like me you feel handicapped when it comes to canvas, painting, art, drawing.
They say a can of paint can go a long way :). I am talking about the aerosol paint cans (spray paint)...
I know, its cheating but don't you think the possibilities are endless. A few selection of colors in my collection are (Red, Blue, Chrome, Black, White) and they have done wonders for me.

I have spray painted a few decorative items like my old vases, trays, frames just to give the updated look or color that I would want to co-ordinate the space with. Garage sales are an awesome place to find such articles to which you would like to add a splash of color. I have even sprayed on a newly bought lantern with bright red to match the decor.

Another decor hack which I attempted on is painting on canvas or similar material. No, not painting on a blank canvas but on the one that already has printed/painted pictures on it.
I bought these monochromatic picture on a canvas like frame from IKEA (below pic the one on the left for 14$ each) . Bought a small bottle of (enough for experimenting painters like me) yellow color paint that will work on canvas. Then, all I did was fill in the blanks :). Voila! I took it up a notch and brought life into a rather insipid art.

My choice of color for was yellow and so I highlighted some of the areas with that in order for the painting to pop.

I have seen black and white prints/paintings on canvas like material available in various home decor store for a cheap price. Hope you can hack them with this effortless way of painting to showcase your talent :)

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