May 19, 2014

Those Simple Conundrums

I have been preparing myself  mentally to answer those odd/curious/out of the blue questions that every parent will  have to face being asked by their child(ren). For some reason I was only thinking that those intriguing questions would mostly be of gender bender type or one of those naked truth type.

In the past he has asked us questions like -
What happens when someone dies?
Where is heaven?
My friend said good people go to heaven when they die, so where do bad people go?
My friend says that there is no god. Is that true?

And some funny ones like -
What is a sudden death (while watching a game show)? If they don't get it right do they all die?

But today he asked me a rather simple question and I wasn't sure how I could explain that without trying to open a can of worms or worse upset him or feed wrong ideas.
He asked me (while he was reading a book) - What does Stepsister means? Do I have one? :)

Since we (especially my son) don't know of any family whom I could put forward to explain this situation with, I had no choice but to explain it keeping us under scrutiny. I was struggling and stuttering to ensure I use the right words and at the same time not putting any unwanted thoughts in his head.
Anyway, I don't think I did a very good job explaining that to him. I know that because, before even I could finish with what I started he had more questions and I could see that he wasn't happy with what he was hearing. I do think he vaguely understands the term stepmother now though.

Anyway, I turned to the internet in order to find a suitable way to explain this, but found none convincing.
Any ideas and thought?

I am sure there are parents out there who have been in the same shoes. Care to share some.

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