May 13, 2014

The Ravishing Women Show - 2014

On this mothers day, I (and my family) was there to witness the Ravishing Women Show - 2014.  The essence of this show is to identify, honor and encourage women entrepreneurs. They focused on falicitating many (Indian) women entrepreneurs who have struggled their way in this country in order to make their dream/passion come true and have successfully established it too (from food to fashion).  Even though the show was concentrating on women, it was open to anyone and everyone.

I was definitely astound to see so many women who have made their mark in life. What I need to quote here is most women when they decide to embark on a career path they most instinctively think about how they can continue to grow without disturbing the balance between family, home and their career. I don't want to say men don't do that, but I do feel if given a choice they can afford to conveniently shed the load in order to aim high in their career.  So, giving my hoot to all those women.

Coming back to the Ravishing Show, can a show be complete without motivational speech and entertainment. The underline of entertainment was the selection of Miss & Mrs. India Washington.

If the renowned Manish Malhotra can design clothes for ramp, Manisha Malhotra (a fellow Seattleite) sure did know how to showcase these participants on the ramp (I wonder if they are related in any way!).

Among all appealing talented performers, the one that earned a standing ovation was a dance performed by Jennifer Lynn Adams. She currently in possession of the Ms. Wheelchair USA 2014 crown (moving her way up from Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2013). I will let the picture speak for her feat.

How did I end my day? Of course eating and shopping.
Amidst all the food stalls my taste buds urged me to try some appetizing Paani Puri's by Paani Puri Seattle! I have never had Paani Puri's that are served in a hygienic way :).

My friend Gauri Arts was exhibiting her art collection (Specializing in Warli) at the vendor area. Amazing artistry skills displayed by my friend here. With a perennial smile on her face she attempts to emit the same energy to others via her talent. Here is what I bought from her collection.

Title given by artist: Why boys should have all the fun.

I also bought this vase in a striking blue color, hand carved block (as base for the test-tube vase) from My Dream Canvas. I serendipitously happen to stumble upon this blog on Facebook and found interesting ethnic collection on this online shop.

Last but not least the brain behind this show had to be discernibly a women-isn't it?  Congratulations to Menka Soni (who is an entrepreneur herself) and her team on pulling this great show with the noble intention of recognizing talented women . Kudos to you all. See you next year.

They say behind every successful man there is a women. But is the vice-versa true?
Behind every successful women it's herself for sure and the man who is going to stand behind her dreams will definitely need to bring in an army of people (family and friends) along when he supports his woman. Because that's the magnitude of a woman's dreams.

PS: I would have loved to see a male MC (or at least co-host), hosting this show giving a little praise to the fairer sex.  
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