May 14, 2014

Design On a Dime - By Pallavi Bhalerao

Have you ever thought what good can come out of old (or new) wedding cards?
We all adore those fancy invitations and some may even have the hobby of collecting decorative wedding cards. We do save the ones that comes from our loved ones, but what happens to the few others?
Most likely they are housed only until the actual event takes place and we all know where it goes (some most hesitantly).

Well, here is an ingenious idea that one of my friend (Pallavi Bhalerao) came up with.
Looks like she is a collector of wedding cards :). After reading the post on The gift of gift wrapping paper
she sifted through her pack rat collection and found a few wedding cards to frame those. Isn't that impressive?

PS: Did you notice the exquisite stenciling on the wall? :) 

Photo Courtesy: Pallavi Bhalerao

I also like how she has combined different but complementing frames and brought the collage effect. Pallavi, you truly took it up a notch.

Isn't that a better bargain that someone else paid oodles of money to print that invite but you did not shed a penny. Now that's what I call design on a dime.

I love it when folks come forward and share their simple yet elegant ideas. Thanks so much Pallavi.
I am going to tell folks back home to save all those invitation cards for me.

So, if you have successfully attempted on an simple DIY and care to share, please send me an email with pictures and I will be more than happy to pitch it to my readers.
If you are a blogger already, I would still love to share your post in my blog space.
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