May 15, 2014

From A Smoothie To Popsicle

Have you ever had to over indulge yourself in a smoothie whenever you make at home . In my house, most of the times "Yes". There is always a little extra which we struggle to finish by making a pig out of ourselves.
No one likes to throw away a perfectly blissful smoothie and storing it as is in the fridge doesn't always tastes good later. I guess, the  tartness from the berries whey's the milk?

This time instead of binging on it, I sanely poured the extra ones in my popsicle mould and froze it. This way I could enjoy my smoothie at the right quantity and also save on the leftovers for later.

What went in my smoothie/popsicle? I eyeballed my quantities and I am sure most of you do the same. Or if you already have a perfect smoothie recipe then by all means go for it.

Greek Yogurt 
Milk/whipping cream 
Any essence like Rose/Vanilla 
Chocolate pieces

Blend them and have a sip to beat the heat. The little chocolate pieces nudging in between are a treat :) 

I am going to try all variations possible. Tonight its going to be Blueberry Smoothie and I am purposely going to make some extra for a frozen treat later. 

PS: the popsicle did have ice crystals the way I made it. 

How many of you agree that kids tend to like snacks that are sweet, cold, has chocolate and is served on a stick? I guess, a little icecrystals wouldn't matter huh?
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