May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Growing up (in India) I don't remember us acknowledging this internationally accepted day for celebrating mothers. We were taught to respect and celebrate mothers everyday and not just pick a day in a year to realize how important she is or make her celebratory.

But, these days (mostly urban) its being assimilated into Indian Culture. Even though I haven't celebrated this day extending my thanks for her love and care (as a child), I do feel a little bit if my son forgets to wish me :(.

This morning my son did wished me (although it came a little late). But I was delighted when he handed over me his hand made card. Like every mother I too got my best gift and would like to share it with you :)

Incase its not legible here is what it says-
My Mom is 35 years old.
Her favourite color is: Pink
She Loves to: Run
If she had extra time she would: Run With Me.

My 2 favourite things listed in there are
       My Mom looks prettiest when she: Sleeps.
       My Mom always forgets: Nothing.

My favourite thing to do with my Mom is: Watch T.V
What I love about my Mom is: She sometimes cooks my favourite food.

Here is what I got for last year.

Things have changed drastically! Last year I was 26yrs old and this year I am 35yrs old. I like the fact that he never gives out my true age and always keeps me younger :)
By the way did you notice it says:
My mothers name is MOM.
My mother's favorite store is: Safeway.
My mother's favorite place is: Bellvu (Bellevue)! ha ha ha ha....

I love these cute writings that's going to go in my treasure. It's very intriguing to learn how they perceive of us. And boy oh boy! do I need to quote on their observation skills!?

I am compelling myself to share what my fellow mom's received from their little one's.

Don't you think her son nailed it :)

Here is what my friend Kristy got from her 6yr old boy. His mom is 92 feet tall! ha ha ha :)
The best is at the last where it says - "I wouldn't trade my mother even for a The now Lego Star Wars Game" - Awww, that so adorable of him.

I love this Chinese Proverb that quotes  - "There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it."

Indeed! We all are blessed. Happy Mothers Day to every single mom out there.

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