May 15, 2014

Cherry Creek Falls Hike

I love going on trails or hikes with my family over weekends when the weather is conducive of course. We have been encouraging and inculcating the pleasures of going on trails and hikes in our little one since he was 3 years old. Over the years his interest, speed and stamina has only improved. What is it that keeps him going. A delicious snack at the end of the trail and of course something to keep munching through out.

A common scene that one might witness in most of the hikes and trails is that they take you through cool, mossy forest with overgrown trees may be a stream or creek by the side. While there is this resemblance to the most of the trail routes, each hike does offers something different (a bountiful waterfall or spectacular vistas) at the end of it.

A few weekends back we decided to hike the Cherry Creek Falls. What was supposed to be a 5 mile round trip hike ended being a 7 mile trip (not that we got lost, but we made some poor decisions).

To get to the falls one MUST crossover a creek (Hunaan creek). This is inevitable in either of the 2 routes that leads to the falls. The route that website explains seems to be more safe and less muddy tracks with a few more smaller streams. The alternate route has a extremely narrow trail path and has larger swampy patches to hop through, possibility of sighting snakes (we spot one that swiftly crossed our path). But the advantage (which only seemed like an advantage) with this alternate path was that the width of the Hunnan Creek almost narrows down to half or less than half the size as compared to the one in actual route (which was about 12 to 15 feet wide).

An extra pair of socks/gears/rain boots or just dry towels can come really handy!

PS: This trail allows ATV's including motorcycles. We did spot both on the way, but I just did not had the willingness and energy to take my camera out for a shot.

ATV tire marks

This doesn't look anything like ATV. How on earth this got rammed in here?

The trails might get a little better W.R.T marsh or dirt track by summer though. Even though the trail's difficulty level was at its minimal, I am so proud of my little one to have successfully covered that whole 7 mile walk, crossing over creeks and trotting through muddy, swampy patches. 

For the amount of trouble that we took to get to the falls, I really want to say the falls wasn't worth it. But we certainly had a great workout.

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