May 9, 2014

Cape Flattery - Stands True To It's Name

The most northwest point of united states that one could go is through this easy 20 to 30 min walk (1.5 miles round trip with minimal elevation gain of 200 ft) from the Cape Flattery trail head. The trail is mostly downhill on the hike in- quite easy- but expect a moderate effort on the hike back out as it is gently uphill most of the way. What once used to be a cumbersome, dangerous and muddy route to navigate is now a structured boardwalks and earthen paths, viewing decks, well fenced and also with a couple of picnic tables. Thanks to Makah people, its with their endurance today we could see the spectacularness.  

The view of amazing sea caves and tidal pool lashing against the rocks that have been contoured bluntly. Almost throughout the olympic peninsula the weather is mercurial. The impressive vista at the end of the trail also includes Tantoosh Island and The lighthouse (which is closed for viewers).

You can spot swarm of birds (especially seagulls) scavenging the ocean for food. It could also be temporary home for wandering sea animals like the sea lions, otters (they do love sea caves) and other marine animals. if you are lucky you could also spot pod of dolphins, grey whales and humpback whales (April to July may be the best time to find marine animals).

We chose to visit here on a Labor Day weekend (day trip). The day was gorgeous with a few drizzle here and there. Even after reaching the trailhead it was still a clear sight. But by the time we walked to the tip, the clouds overcasted the distant view. Sadly we did not see ANY marine animals at cape flattery.

You could also make a short side trip after you come back from the Cape trail and cross over the Waatch River to see Hobuck Beach and the famous Shi Shi Beach.

Beach and Camping enthusiasts carry their camping needs and walk along the shore (approx 3 mile walk) to setup a camp at the shores of ShiShi beach. Why do they have to camp there, well, imagine you sleeping under the starry night sky and waking up to see the first shade of sun rise beyond the horizon....that is a million dollar view you have earned and recorded in your memory lane. I personally haven't attempted one, but it is on my "ToDo" list.

Inundated Makah Tribe Statue

Note: If you are interested there is a Makah Museum, which displays thousands of artifacts unearthed from a 500-year-old Native American fishing village.

For Pictures Click Here.
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